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[ZS] Medic Vision on Smart Targeting

  • Currently, if you use medgun or medkit, you get vision of all players close to you with color-indication of their health and debuff status. This is quite useful for finding targets who need health/purger usage. However, this can easily clutter your vision when you’re trying to use smart targeting and focus heal one target. For this reason, I am proposing that the perk “Smart Targeting” should disable the medic vision to better fulfill its niche. (At least from the medigun, as medkit/purger still have use with it.)

    Alternatively, having it as a toggle option would also work.

    Comments and criticism are appreciated.

    EDIT 1: “Disable Human Health Auras” turns off zombies seeing humans health dots, not what I’m mentioning up above.

  • Doesn’t affect medkit, but I’m glad I found it. Thank you.

  • @ritzbits UPDATE, it still doesn’t fade them. link text

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