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unmute request

  • steam: chiken
    id: STEAM_1:0:62694791
    I know I was acting dumb and honestly I’m surprised I haven’t been muted earlier for the dumb shit I say on the server but It’s been about a week since I got perma-muted and It’s had a pretty big affect on zs for a lot of people. I can’t give callouts for when a sigil is down, I can’t tell people where stuff is or where the zombies broke in, the list goes on. I recognize I’ve been acting like a total aspie on mic but I’m turning over a new leaf.

  • I can’t live without chiken calling me an unfunny retard, unmute him pls

  • Unmute him if you like hearing him tell you to vote shitty objective maps

  • 0_1521630957476_IMG_0284.JPG

  • no one is an idiot why do people not play the game as a game but a dum over ruled 2 world, just play and try to be best not sum pussy shit oh i’ll kick you or ban you cause or some dum shit (JUST PLAY) and get your way that way

  • its been 3 weeks since I got muted and I don’t want to be grouped in with people like yabblah. He obviously didn’t learn from his mistakes and kept acting like a moron when he got unmuted, I even told him multiple times he’s going to get punished AGAIN but he didn’t listen. This is just a bump

  • retard

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