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[ZS] Map Adjustments

  • This thread isn’t meant to be a “shit map, pls remove” thread, I’m trying to shed some light on some maps that have some core problems. Our maplist is overwhelmingly big, but quality is over quantity.

    -Map “zs_asylum_v6” is capable of rolling for a sigil that places humans in a gas that deals damage to them. This may be preventable in the early game by being more attentive, but later in the game it can lead to unreasonable deaths.

    Occurance #1: (credit to inferno for recording)

    Occurance #2:

    -Map “zs_asylum_reborn_v3”, I’ll just refer to another thread that I posted on regarding this map:

    -Maps with those ancient doors that you’d find in old school Zombie Survival, mainly maps “zs_imashouse”, “zs_desert_hideout_v8”, and “zs_overandunderground_v3”. These doors are very inconsistent and can cause unintentional griefing in human team. I’ve seen instances where a guy did not interact with those doors and got credit for teamkilling. He was later banned via democracy for not even being guilty. Would be nice to just replace these doors with more modern variants.

    -Maps that were designed for objective that were put in Zombie Survival are unpopular from what I’ve seen, people just generally dislike them and they’re not really made for Zombie Survival. “zs_rampage_v2” and “zs_rescape_v1b” spawn awful sigils that nobody really wants to try on. Maybe tweak the sigils a bit.

    -Maps “zs_raunchyhouse_opt_v2”, “zs_death_house”, and the Nasty House Variants are insanely cramped and provide no space for zombies to make a nest, thus disrupting the flow of the game. Nests are integral parts of zombie team, most of these cramped house maps with windows leave no space for zombies to sucessfully build a nest without it getting shot at. Removing these maps would be nice, as they prove to be boring for both humans and zombies, since nest construction is impossible.

    -Maps “zs_twilight” and “pb_z_industry” have an insane amount of static props. Why? These maps could use more props, they don’t provide hallway cade sigils or have a problem with spawncamping. Caders are left with a few wooden crates and barrels, that isn’t going to last them more than 3-4 waves with a competent zteam.

    -Maps “zs_fortress” and “zs_middle_nowhere_NOEDIT” have a severe prop shortage, its to the point where you literally have to lose 1st or basement sigils just because of the lack of props. It wouldn’t hurt to give these maps more props.

    -Maps “gm_blackbrook_asylum”, “zs_mire”, “zs_obj_6_nights_v14”, “zs_manoir_de_perruques_v3”, "
    zs_insurance_v2" and “zs_nysc_v2” all have poor optimization. Could these be optimized a bit to fit the high scaled amount of ZS players?

    -Map “zs_noir” has a REALLY OBNOXIOUS color filter that cannot be disabled, can we please make it toggleable by mat_colorcorrection 0/1, like how “zs_night_of_the_living_dead_v1” has it.

  • Very fair points and well said.

    zs_rampage and rescape both have pretty low winrates, they could get a minor adjustment to sigil placement. pb_z_industry has a very low winrate. Could definitely use more props. zs_twilight is semi low and can probably do with a few more. zs_fortress is a spawn camp with stubbers or die map right now. Definitely needs more props and maybe could do with the spawns being moved up too. zs_middle_nowhere_noedits has not been played much but hasn’t been won once. I can vouch for it not having many props. It also should get overrides on sounds and textures removed.

    zs_death_house is pretty awful for both humans and zombies. Zombies can only make a nest after they get in. Humans cannot leave the house at all. The only way people die is by Tickle or Puke Pus. If the zombies don’t go those bosses they’re not going to make the humans lose.

  • If a map is just going to get shit on like this:


    Just remove it, zgas is literally in the sigil and humans are forced to deal with a constant stream of ancient nightmares and red marrows.

  • But that map has really, really long corridors with no flanking options so it kind of balances that out.

  • it’s just a gimmick map

  • @lando said in [ZS] Map Adjustments:

    “zs_rampage_v2” and “zs_rescape_v1b”

    Well both map have now 6% winrate, human won it twice each one recently.
    Surprised to have seen rampage win without the hallway sigil

  • Megamallcity… elevator can kill people who sit on it, lack of large props on the ground floor for wide corridors and windows/doors.

  • Map “zs_sector4f_fixed_v3” has a significant lack of props. The map used to spawn a sigil in the 3-way hallway but now that it’s removed, there aren’t enough props to cade the other sigils that spawn in awful positions. There are simply too many entrances that are way too big for the lack of props. Give the map some more props and seal the insane entrances off:

    • Mainly the huge gap of broken glass above the bridge and make all the glass unbreakable, the glass near the sigil that spawns in a “hallway” is inclined, making it easier for them to reach the cade if they jump and abuse leg-damage.

    • Get rid of the ladders and replace them with something thats more defendable (stairs?), ladders are really hard to defend now, especially with the lack of universal hitbox weapons now.

    This map is really hard to balance considering there are a lot of theoretical hallways, but this map is just a waste of time to play on.

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