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[ZS] Un-nailing of Prop-to-Prop Nails

  • Currently, when attempting to remove nails, if the prop has been used as the anchor point for some other prop, then that nail cannot be removed by looking at the prop and pressing R. You would have to find the other prop it is nailed to and locate the prop-to-prop nail to be able to fully un-nail the prop. This can cause unexpected and unnecessary delays when trying to replace a prop if an inexperienced player has added prop-to-prop nails to increase hit points.

    Make it so that the un-nail function is also able to remove any nails that are using the prop as the anchor point.

  • Yep.

    Also, when un-nailing props that are nailed to other props, there’s a delay before being able to pick up the prop; it can’t be done instantly like if it was nailed to the wall. I’ve lost props to gravity when this happens as I can’t pick it up before falling out of range.

    Not sure if anything can be done about that.

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