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Request to remove/decrease length of instadeath/mute.

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    Fri Mar 16 19:45:35 2018 <STEAM_0:0:41193030> Unknown has been permanently forced to die in one hit by Raox because zmains…ruining zs…

    I understand the forum ban of main account is for a comment.(Yes. Serious thread and my comment is far from being serious at all)
    But why mute on server? Why instadeath? And why so severe?
    The reasons that are said in punishments are:
    Mute: szmain zmain uhhhhhhhhh
    Instadeath: zmains…ruining zs…
    After Raox’s mute with a reason “Annoying” I limited my in-game communications to game-related topics(Sigil attacked/need crate/need props at/need dps at/etc.).
    After receiving a punishment from AtomiC I stopped asking people to skip maps and stopped suiciding AFTER the wave started, stopped picking up stuff(Map spawns of a weapon/ammo, don’t deploy/buy crates/etc), and I don’t touch any props.
    When playing as human is a SUFFER - people leave. Me? I go Zmain. Zmaining is still fun since it’s PvP experience.

    When good people join or good map appears(Map determines ALOT. An easy to cade map is something I am looking for when there is noone I can cooperate with(Times when there is just a bunch of random people/newbies on server)) i play human because playing human is mostly more fun. When there are alot of good people on im staying human. When there is a big bunch of random people incapable to listen - I play zombie. Also I go Zmain when I see that there are 0 zombies/all zombies are afk. (Because it’s boring to sit for 30 minutes doing nothing but collecting scrap/ammo)

    I am cader(When I see good people capable of shooting, I cade if noone is doing it right/doing it) and ability to communicate is required for a cader sometimes (Me spamming :warning: BREAK DOORS RIGHT NOW :warning: , asking people to bring props to sigils, ask about the cade status, etc.) and without it my possibilities are hindered and so is capablity of human team to survive.

    I am asking to… atlast decrease length of these punishments.

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