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Unmute request

  • Ingame name: yabblah
    STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:5888158

    So it’s been 2 or so weeks since the mute incident and I’d just really like to be able to type in chat again.
    I’m sorry for being such a remnic recently and didn’t mean to upset anyone truly…
    The time of my mute I had set my name to something retarded I don’t remember but it wasn’t something I expected to be punished for, it was mostly just an inside joke between me and Watzi just shitting around and then out of the blue Raox permamuted me. Ever since I’ve just kind of been riding it out but the mute has been affecting not only my gameplay, but everyone else’s. I also can’t speak for the other muted individuals as I’m not sure what Tricky or Chiken did.

  • We need yabblah’s voice. We need all the pro-zs voices :anguished:

  • You’re very loud and annoying. I’d rather not unmute you.

  • @raox I hardly use my mic unless its for objective maps or on weekend I think you just need to lighten up Raox.

  • zs isn’t zs without yabblah, please unmute ;(

  • If someone wants to avoid punishments with alts they’re not coming back at all.

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