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Can we get rid of this already? #2

  • Like in previous topik, remove this shit from server:

    Mute surpass + didnt learn lesson (zmain nonstop)

    suiciding before wave start/ignoring volunter system

  • I don’t think ZMaining is the issue at all for the most part. As you said, people who ignore the volunteer system and use detpacks to suicide should be dealt with.

  • Banned

    Just an info.
    I have created second account as this is the thread that may make an admin to take action against me and I don’t have any way to contact the admin BUT to create another account. This account will not be used for posting/commenting anywhere else.

    1. Suiciding before round begins allows me to choose starting zombie class.
    2. I did suicided but in the end I was only one zombie so there is literally no difference between doing THIS and volunteering. I did not damage any prop, interacted with anything or etc.
    3. Since when changing names is mute surpass?
    4. Since when Zmaining is punishable?

  • @doomangelblade2 The issue is when people use detpacks AFTER the round starts, when volunteers are already chosen, making the zombie team larger by one player at the very start.

  • It’s not wrong to go zombie at any time. Because I mean you can just walk into the spawn.

    The only time I ever punish people is if they break props after the zombies are picked (with C4), because it’s essentially griefing the other team.

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