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[ZS] Med Gun improvements

  • Im pretty convinced anyone who played around with healing can tell that in comparison to medkit, gun is way less versatile and reliable, unless used in some kind of organised setup. Those disadvantages are especilly noticable, when the server is more or less full, so my suggestions to make it somewhat equal in terms of fun and viability are:

    • make smart targeting a baseline ability with no penalty to healing, locking onto a target you want when 15 other people are standing on the same spot is pretty frustrating as it is, even with smart targeting.

    • remove strenght shot, cleansing shot, and instead implement those buffs as remantler variants for med gun, with speed being the basic one, maybe even 4 options with defensive shot. First remantler upgrade is very much useless, so something like this could be a huge improvement.

    • med rifle could pierce 2 or 3 targets, and maybe always damage a zombie (if its in line of fire) to make it a good alternative to reju. It could have same remantle options as med gun to make it a direct upgrade.

  • Medgun is the most versatile starting healing item, i don’t know what you’re on about. Being able to heal players from any range and giving them speed can deny kills made by zombies. Try saving 50 players from devourer hooks and you’ll get what i mean

    Smart targeting is already good. The penalties can still be compensated with all the biology perks which still make the medgun heal more than the average medkit per medpower.

    Im not sure about the remantling bonuses as I’ve seen players buy the strengthshot and savior as they still roughly equal 300 starting medpower to effectively make a buff and healing hybrid class

    Also the med rifle is balanced with the rejuvenator as it’s about 100 points cheaper and can give damage resistance.

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