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It's Back: Unofficial ZS Crafting Spreadsheet 2018 Edition


    After some thinking, I got my shovel out and revisited the makeshift grave behind the shed. Despite the addition of the weapon database, and ingame recipes, there is still a lot of missing information in regards to crafting. I’m working on a new tab to accommodate one of the new systems added to ZS, however it’s not quite done yet.

    All recipes are accurate as of today March 7th 2018. If any discrepancies are found, leave a comment or reply to this thread. Thank you all for your contributions even after my discontinuation of support. There is still great utility for this guide in planning builds, and I hope you all find it to be useful.

  • @prof-dru Thanks a million for creating both spreadsheets. They have been great crafting references for people like me and the fact that you’re willing to modernize it is just fantastic.


    A few things.

    1. The ZS UNOFFICIAL CRAFTING SPREADSHEET is becoming The Schematics: ZS Tinkering Bible. I’m expanding the scope of this workbook to encompass the functions of the remantler as well as crafting.
    2. An all encompassing list of all Weapon Variants in the game and their ESTIMATED stat changes is LIVE. There’s a lot of surprises in there, make good use of it.
    3. A remantler bonus tab is in the works.

    Knowledge is power. Kill em all.

  • UPDATE : 3/17/2018

    • Added a Melee Weapons tab, and an “Other” tab for things that aren’t exactly weapons
    • Added in notes to clarify some topics. Cells with notes are denoted by the black mark in the top right corner. Click on these cells to read the notes.

    If you have any questions about anything, hit me up and I’ll add more notes to clarify.

    Still working on re-mantle bonuses.

  • UPDATE 3/24/2018

    Dru learns how to use headers edition

    • Added some more notes
    • Added a work in a progress Remantler tab, listing all of the attributes a gun will recieve for upgrading it with scrap. It’s incredibly time consuming to compile the bonuses, so I want to make sure this format is good before progressing. Let me know what you think. Only T2’s and T1’s for now.
    • Documented /MOST/ of the changes to existing variants through notes. Will update when we find the last missing variant.

    Do your research people, we’re almost there.

    As a side note, if you feel like the schematics could cover some other aspect of ZS related to tinkering, let me know. I’m always happy to put more information out there especially if people find it useful.

    After I finish remantle bonuses I’m probably going to make a scrap table, detailing how much scrap it takes to upgrade weapons per tier, and how much scrap they’ll give when disassembled.

  • I appreciate it. It’s useful data for me as well.

  • UPDATE 4/12/2018

    Wooism edition

    Find those ???s, and test my findings. I’ll be on tonight and updating as I go so keep an eye on the spreadsheet.

  • UPDATE 4/15/2018

    That’s it for now I hope.

    • Documented all removed crafting recipes, as well as what happened to their respective weapons
    • Updated crafting recipes to reflect trinket changes. (Changed recipes are marked with a bright blue color)
    • Documented all new variants. (New variants are marked with a bright blue color)
    • Documented all (known) changes to existing variants. (Changed variants are marked with a dark blue color)
    • Obtained ALL missing detailed stats, added even more notes

    Take a look at those crafting recipe changes. Last night I was told that nearly every craft was inaccessible after this update, but my findings have disproven this rumor.


    I try to keep the spreadsheet as objective as possible, but I have a few notes about the update that I want to share after compiling all of the changes.

    • Hurler is fun, but it’s hard to get a bead on the maximum and minimum damage for it. Reports of highest/lowest damage are appreciated.
    • The T1 variants in particular have very strong potential to outclass other T1s if used effectively. That +10% damage on the tosser is no joke, and we don’t even know what the hurler is capable of…
    • The Cleanser’s focus has been shifted from efficiency to raw DPS at close range. It’s head shot multiplier seems to be just below the normal 2x multiplier due to eraser’s re-mantle bonus being head shot multi. Damage per wave appears to be halved, and the aim penalties have been increased. It’s not god anymore, just a specialist weapon.
    • The Neptune shotgun is the Oberon unchained. Huge DPS, Super fast reload, but 3x ammo consumption, and no damage boost per shot to compensate. By all means it should be horrible with 1/3 the efficiency of the Oberon, but in my experience that just makes it on par with every other weapon in the game. Slap a resonance cascade on there and you’re in business.

    There’s a lot of hidden tech in there, just waiting to be discovered. Enjoy everyone.

  • @dr-dru said in It’s Back: Unofficial ZS Crafting Spreadsheet 2018 Edition:


    The Sparkler Laser Layer is completely nullified by a single zombie going goreblaster. Even Increasing the mine’s HP from 1 to 10 would make it so that, if the z-team is really THAT worried about some tickling tick damage, it would take a concentrated effort of several people going goreblaster to completely nullify the mines once more. This can give them a choice of sacrificing five vanilla zombies-worth of cade dps to deal with a minor annoyance or just have one zombie dedicated to swiping at each mine as they’re being laid down.

    Either way, as it stands the sparkler is a straight downgrade considering you’re given a choice of either a few 7s of laser damage before being detonated by a goreblaster, or an instant 100+ damage headshot that can’t be countered as long as you lay mines one at a time during lulls in action - the Sparkler does not have this luxury. You could argue that it’s a layer you should use on places where goreblasters can’t get to - an anti-fastie-at-the-window mine, if you will - but in that case why not just use normal mines? They detonate instantly on contact; the fastie has no chance of quickly swiping them all away before they have a chance to do their full damage potential.

    Please consider giving those mines some sturdiness. They can (begrudgingly) still go down in one swipe but at the very least they should be able to handle a few splotches of goreblaster blood.

  • @frugert

    Thanks for reminding me, I completely forgot to mention that. I fully agree that goreblasters shouldn’t damage sparkler mines, and that they should have some sturdiness over the standard mines.

    A harder focus on sustained damage over the burst damage of the base carrion.

  • “deleted”

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