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Rewarding people for playing the game as it should be

  • Before XP and before sigils, zombie survival was about surviving for as long as possible. Holding out until the last second in crazy situations. The concept of “skipping” maps wasn’t even a concept because you didn’t give a shit if you didn’t gain silver that round for winning. It was fun and casual.

    With the introduction of sigils it solved the “one meta per map” issue. That was fine.
    With the introduction of XP it made zs about winning winning winning and losing on purpose.

    People started skipping maps to get to a winnable map. You didn’t want to play a round because the odds weren’t in your favor. So let’s spin the wheel on the next map. It became more about “having to win” rather than “let’s try to hold out for as long as possible”.
    It’s all about rushing to win maps now. Watching the RNG of sigil placements and then not trying if they were bad. Not trying means either afking in a corner or jumping off a bridge to gain more xp as you could as a human by killing the remaining humans.

    I want every player to feel that holding out and surviving for as long as possible is the only way to play. The exception is being a zombie volunteer. Which should be the only thing that rewards zombies. Every other zombie should feel bad for dying and the only reward is to redeem or the satisfaction of making humans lose as well. Like how it used to be.


    1. How do we make players and regulars who are all about the “meta” not want to suicide or intentionally lose on a map? Making death a bad thing.
    2. Even if a map and sigil placements is against the odds of winning. How do we make humans want to hold out for as long as possible?

    The only thing I can think of is that XP is only handed out to zombie volunteer kills up to a cap of 4 brains for zombies. And humans get a flat payout of XP every 30 seconds after wave 3. Making it so that last humans who died get most XP. Each wave after wave 3 gives an exponential multiplier. You can’t gain XP any other way than playing the game as it should be played. Surviving. Improve the AFK detection to not reward afk players.

    With the same system, track if you hold out as long as possible or die early over time. Bad players get gray names in the scoreboard and good players stand out more. Maybe even a slight glow. It’s a simple but effective way to make fun of people who intentionally shift the round in the zombies favor by dying early to skip maps.

    The Darker One also had a good idea about a persistent world map where losing a map in early waves made the zombies spread across the world. It was all a clever ruse

  • @atomic said in Rewarding people for playing the game as it should be:

    The Darker One also had a good idea about a persistent world map where losing a map in early waves made the zombies spread across the world.


  • @the-darker-one Fine it’s shit

  • don’t zombie shame me

  • @carrie The point is that you can still volunteer to play as a zombie. But after wave 1 starts, going zombie is more of a lose condition than it is at the moment.

  • @atomic said in Rewarding people for playing the game as it should be:

    The Darker One also had a good idea about a persistent world map where losing a map in early waves made the zombies spread across the world.

    I like that idea. Can we go with that?

  • Adding map ratings would help people shoose good maps

  • I’ve been thinking about whether making maps chosen more at random would benefit human behavior. If humans are capable of winning a random map, they get the ability to choose a map as a reward. Make human wins have better end rewards to get people to not suicide and make zombie XP only given to the starting volunteers.

  • @binyot It’s about making the game not about map selection.

    If you land on a bad map then doing everything to survive against the odds should reward you.

    How do we make this not about silver and xp? because I don’t care about that.

    One thing I can think of is making your player rot if you die below wave 3 and make you start with less HP if you have a lot of rot. Or some other way to reward survivors and punish suiciders on average.

  • Maybe the skills are too downsidey enough for people to care about them long term. XP is not valuable once you get your core skills. Probably needs to be something else.

  • I’m happy with winning a map as it is. I don’t feel there really needs to be more rewards for that. The issue is the zmaining. Maybe just be more harsh on those who zmain regularly?

    Or… make zombies lose a little xp upon game end, and make humans have a little more xp than right now if they win. But that’s going back to making it about xp.

  • @atomic This is a much better solution. I like the idea of a debuff on people who suicide, as it only punishes the individual instead of the entire server.

  • @raox
    There are two ways to go about this.

    1. Punish people for intentionally dying in early rounds.
    2. Reward survivors who try as best as they can. Making people feel like they are missing out on rewards.

  • If player contribution or “try level” was calculated and logged it’s also super easy to calculate a moving average and use that. Similar to how stock charts do it, A moving average can also be fun to look at as stats to see how well you did today/this week/this month

  • Yeah maybe accumulative debuffs on the zmains is a good idea. Literally in a game right now where we have zmains…

  • @sally-mcsaggytits Going zmain shouldn’t punish you. Volunteering is a good thing.

    It would be better if volunteering was something you could do by pressing a button. And if there wasn’t enough people it would select the remaining people based on distance from sigils.
    There are too many explosives blowing up props at the moment.

  • @atomic they tend to just run into zombie spawn, there’s already a respawn threshold. It respawns them with no weapons.

  • @atomic Wouldn’t it be easy just to prevent prop explosions from damaging other props unless it was flung by a zombie? If breaking props as a human is a punishable offense then it seems like that would just be a given

  • remember the good old days

  • remember them, for they were bad days.

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