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[ZS] Scale Phasing Speed/Sigil Timer Reductions when hit to the direct damage taken.

  • It’s a bit silly to be able to lock someone out of a teleport by going headcrab and completely resetting their timer/slowing them down. Resetting the timer back to zero is a bit harsh. Maybe make it so how much damage you take reduces your phasing speed/teleport progress a bit. Low damage sources shouldn’t be able to have the same impact as a higher damage source i.e. Tickle being able to punish players from inside the cade for relative ease vs. getting a hit in as a poison zombie. I’m not going to suggest values for how much your timer/speed will be reduced, this is just a suggestion in the light of complaints about this topic.

  • Make anything over 20 dmg a complete reset and scale it down from that.

  • hmm. NO

  • human mains BTfO

  • why would you want it to get changed? I love brains!

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with punishing people who don’t have headcrabs on lockdown/think they can just camp a sigil until the last piece of the barricade is wacking them in the shins while spraying green fire jizz all over the place.

    Keep up or get left behind.

  • Just invest in a zapper next to the sigil, problem solved.

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