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What would you like to see?

  • I think a perk has less friction and would see more use than a full weapon. Something like one of these. Not sure what makes the most sense.

    • Titanium Hammer
      • Hammer can pry doors doors off of their hinges (reload/unnail)
    • Wrecking Hammer
      • +400% hammer damage to non-players
      • -35% hammer damage to players
      • (maybe also applies to the sledge for 1 maybe 2 hit nest kill and fast breakable destruction)

    Killing a door by hand takes a while even when you’re hitting faster and I assume that most caders don’t have many skill points in melee. Still not sure it’s common enough that it warrants an entire skill though.

  • I mean if people really want it. I kinda like the prying hammer actually.

  • Yes, combo knuckle kind of helps. I still don’t think it goes far enough. Even with combo knuckle and max melee damage, you are whacking on a door for 30+ seconds. But if combo knuckle is the best we’re going to get then fine. I just think a skill specific to doors would be nice.

    Edit: I have to use lots of skills in my melee tree to get the most from a door unhinge. As zetanor kind of alludes to, an item or skill for doors would be more suitable.

    It may not be the most common skill, but surely every cader would use it?

  • @raox

    Would it better as it’s own standalone tool or could it be a low-cost start menu trinket?

    Obviously you would need a hammer to go along with it.

  • I was also wondering if another type of forcefield to stop headcrabs and perhaps tickle arms and doom/extinction crab balls etc could be something worth looking at?

    Each time the field would get hit, it could take damage that required a constant supply of pulse. That would stop the field from being too op.

    I feel that, especially when it’s low pop, headcrabs are just a bit too overpowered.


  • @sally-mcsaggytits They are also extremely profitable to shoot, and take double damage from melee. Having players be on top of headcrabs can be extremely lucrative, especially if a large portion of z-team is playing headcrab.

  • Nah you can easily deal with headcrabs. Just pay more attention

  • alt text
    THIS as a weapon

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