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What would you like to see?

  • I’m keeping this simple, I’m interested in what people want to see in terms of development for the future.

    Just so I can gauge a rough idea. Bug fixes and improvements are always going to be put high priority so I didn’t list those.

  • Just as a secondary thought in addition to my votes, I assume by “Persistent rewards” you’re talking cosmetics or something? The skill system kind-of already accomplishes that for tactile rewards.

  • Something else a kin or aside to the skill tree. Gameplay affecting, UNacquirable with silver/real world currency.

  • Refine what already exists in addition to removing things that do not need to exist. Keep the game refined, arcade like, easy to learn but difficult to master.

  • Tbh, I was hoping that audio/visual emotes would be easier to implement. Not necessarily anyone’s fault here. I understand JetBoom is a busy man, but a more reliable way to get these would be nice.

    I have a few more ideas that I’d like to expand on before I mention them.

  • I’ll direct you to this thread about removing content:

    Very weary about removing anything especially because of the way some things are wired. It is better to refine. I am not sure what is not easy to learn. The core principles remain the same. Get a gun loadout and stay behind a cade and shoot zombies. There isn’t really a barrier to this except I would maybe consider worth values being distorted; I kinda dislike that there are skills that give you worth and you need play time to use certain loadouts (that aren’t unlockable items). I would prefer if there was a generic shooting loadout available for 100 worth (t1 -> t2 -> high tier weapon), that a level 1 player could use.

    I actually dislike the concept of debuffs almost entirely and would prefer to replace them with new skills. Most of the time debuffs are just positives if you stay in the cade, since they often pertain to being hit by a zombie.

    If you’d like to specify things that need refining, I would prefer you go ahead and say. If anything needs removing you need a really good argument (and probably something to compensate for the removal of said mechanic).

    @fragger said in What would you like to see?:

    Tbh, I was hoping that audio/visual emotes would be easier to implement. Not necessarily anyone’s fault here. I understand JetBoom is a busy man, but a more reliable way to get these would be nice.

    I have a few more ideas that I’d like to expand on before I mention them.

    Not related to ZS, stop posting.

  • Personally i would like a new map voting menu. The current menu is just too much to see in small amount of time they give you.

  • An actual overhaul of the spawning system as a zombie. A spawn menu of some sort or an overlay with a free look to select at what nest/gas to spawn.

  • I would also like to see an overhaul of the zombie spawning system.

    What would be best would be to remove the spectating ability from the WASD keys and have it be another set of keys. This would allow for the WASD keys to be use to look around. A system of Z-Gas and Flesh Creeper “floaters” will be visible. If you press the E key on one of these floaters, then you spawn there.

  • Along with better spawning as a Z, It would be really nice to see the mute button actually work.

  • A small counter keeping the real-time count of the current crates purchased (arsenal, remantler, resupply) on the top left corner under the silver counter would be useful and more effective than having to use the arsenal. Possibly also add med kits and hammers to that.

  • alt text

    I’m starting work on a few quality life things that’ll lead into the new spawn system. There’s no reason zombies should go around hunting for where they own nests.

    On a side note: I had to ban someone for griefing nests because players can’t vote ban people right now. Can we realistically have admins or something or just get more admins to play.

  • Map icons next to the map name in votemap menu

    It’s fucking impossible to remember all the map names…

  • nah it looks bad and increases load times

  • @raox said in What would you like to see?:

    new spawn system

    Does the new spawn system cycle through groups of map-placed zombie spawns, or just nests? The current system sometimes disregards a spawn location if there are multiple ones, and pressing reload to spawn farther away sometimes doesn’t offer the desired result.

  • It does nothing with zspawns (placed spawns in zombie gas, usually), currently.

    It’s hard to quantify them simply because some maps have so many which are placed so close together. The only way I can think of is to group them by proximity into single “spawns” which are composed of multiple placed ones.

    Then align them by proximity to sigils or something. It wouldn’t be perfect though.

    Creeper nests are more discrete and with the upcoming change it’ll be easy enough to identify how many nests you have as a team. With the changes to Flesh Creepers recently I don’t think making nests is a problem.

  • Perhaps making nests within the z gas could be a work around. Zombies wouldn’t make such a nest unless they had a good reason.

  • thermal goggles for humans to see zombies at relatively close range. Can be used to detect wraiths too and see through walls. Downside could be a large cost of worth. Or make it a skill with the downside of removing the fear meter (and possibly other negative effects).

  • @sally-mcsaggytits zombies are DEAD

  • Yeah and zombies are also zombies. It’s hardly realistic.

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