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Master ToF Unban Request

  • Hello Everybody,

    My name is ToF and my steam id is 0:66986955

    I’m here to ask you to unban me.

    I was banned a few months ago because some of hg’s people stole codes from you. I was a moderator at hg and you banned us all. I had absolutely nothing to do with it.

    I left hg 2 months ago because they have bad ideas since the staff changed.
    So I want to play on a server of a community that has a staff who knows what it does and knows the zs…

    I’m a 4 years old “veteran” player. I’m not a 13 years old kleiner. I’m 23 years old.
    I’m asking for unban me.

    Sorry if my english is not very correct, I am a french faggot baguette cheese le fromage…

  • alright.

  • welcome aboard

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