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[ZS] Regarding Bonemesh

  • After the recent damage buff and overall recent changes to the healing effects, this boss has become absurdly strong, to the point where it fufills so many roles and overshadowing other bosses. These are my reasons why:

    • It has better ranged attack than the tickle in the form of its secondary attack, the secondary fire deals 30 damage and fires at almost the same rate that a tickle swings, while also doing this in safe positions. The arc of the meatballs allow a bonemesh to spam from a safe distance without getting punished, where as a tickle has to get up and close to hit the cade. Shooters aren’t capable of really taking down a bonemesh doing this due to weapon spread and even if they can get a good shot, this leads me to my 2nd point.

    • Bonemeshes survivalibility, while also being effective from afar with the use of its arc, high velocity meatballs, it also has a safety cushion in the form of its healing. Bonemesh being able to heal itself allows it to survive without getting punished, any player with a brain can abuse the use of a map sightline to peak and spam meatballs, but now that he can heal himself up to 25%, he can do so even more safely. This allows a bonemesh to be effective while also preserving itself for extended amount of waves. This subsequently leads to having 3 bonemeshes on wave 6. No other boss can safely do its job without being punished. Pushing out isn’t a viable option to hunt down a bonemesh, as theres more risk, such as losing players and the fact that another bonemesh can spawn in makes it almost pointless to risk your life going outside to hunt a bonemesh. It has various tools that also allow it defend itself.

    • Bonemesh has various tools of defending itself such as abusing zgas, its no-restriction of movement when secondary firing, and its hitbox allows it to defend itself even better than most bosses. It overshadows Shade and Red Marrow in everyway, its also more useful than the Doom/Extinction Crab because of how easy it is to prevent their effects through the use of trinkets, forcefields, and the Skill Haemostasis. Its projectiles have a very high velocity, while also being able to fit through shooting holes, punishing shooters and cades for doing their jobs. With the sigil changes, it can also be abused to shoot through holes and hitting humans, preventing them from teleporting to safety.

    Suggested Changes:

    • Grant other bosses and the bonemesh the ability to be overhealed ONCE per life, the max percentage could be brought up, but this should prevent scenarios where bonemesh can survive the whole round while being too impactful.

    • Reduce the effectiveness of the bonemesh’s secondary attack in terms of damage or firerate.

    • Reduce the health or bonemesh overall or making the margin that he can heal himself up to lower, preventing him from being a 600 HP artillery.

    Leave your thoughts below, the community has complained about it for a while, so I felt like someone had to speak up about it on the forums.

  • wow deja vu

    exactly a year ago bonemesh was in an overtuned state.

  • Bonemesh is in an amazingly useful state right now which hasn’t been the case until now.
    But yeah, I think Bonemesh should have a gimp on his healing + make bonemesh have a throw animation or something because at times he can be impossible to hit due to his hunched over model and general small-ness. In a group of zombies it’s kinda hard to distinguish him between poison zombies sometimes… yesterday on mall some anime-watcher was afk on crunchyroll tossing meatballs at the cade from 30 feet away behind something and no one could possibly hit him, and if you go out to fight bone mesh he can just kite you around with his relatively humanlike speed.

  • Just reduce his fire rate and that’s it.

  • @raox said in [ZS] Regarding Bonemesh:

    wow deja vu

    exactly a year ago bonemesh was in an overtuned state.

    never forget


  • I think I will do the following.

    • Put the heal all on the status so it cannot be stacked with multiple bone meshes.
    • Make the ball bigger so it can’t fit through small gaps and forces the bone mesh to get somewhat in view, rather than dealing damage easily through corners.
    • Put a cap in how much a boss can be healed.

  • I think you should just let him be a healer or an artillery, not both. puke pus and the two hugecrabs are already good for it.

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