(A probably shit idea) [ZS] Random Mutators that have a 10% chance of occurring

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    Now, what kind of shit idea exactly did you click on? Well, it’s a suggestion that makes every round have a 10% chance of having a special effect, from adding !!FUN!! to making people try out a weapon type they haven’t tried before, or global stat multipliers for both teams.

    Assault Rifle/Rifle/SMG/Pistol/Pulse/Bow/Shotgun only: Only these weapons (not counting melee and explosives) can be purchased before/during the round.

    Health/damage/speed boosts: These boosts apply to both humans and zombies. Not selectable for obj.

    Headcrab/Normal Zombie/Fast Zombie/Ghoul/Poison Zombie/Wraith/Skeleton/Crawler only: The zombies can only pick zombie classes that are (based on) the selected class. Eradicators count as normal zombies and slingshots count as both fast and crawlers.

    No cading: Disables hammers and makes everyone have to be a runner. Pack time and deployable cost is halved as compensation.

  • Why didn’t we think of this sooner :thinking:

  • why

  • @halfanapress said in (A probably shit idea) [ZS] Random Mutators that have a 10% chance of occurring:

    kind of shit idea exactly

    Want better weapons? Try harder.

    Want to add some “fun shit” for zombies? Both teams? It’s zombie survival, not pedobear escape.

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