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zs_noxbunker_v1 [Under Construction]

  • 0_1519339001808_20180222173030_1.jpg

    This is a small map made for challenging play.

    5 sigil nodes
    1 zombie spawn (with a vent leading to different exits)

  • Normally I would give the map a try but it doesn’t look like you put any effort into making this. I don’t know if it’s your first map or not but generally it’s a good idea to keep messing around a bit before you release something. On a positive note there’s probably potential if you expand upon the map a bit. I’ll still list some general problems non-the-less.

    • While looks are subjective I think most can agree this map is objectively ugly and boring. There isn’t really a theme and the map itself is rather dull.
    • This map would suffer from a huge spawn camp problem. The vent and the exit itself are just hallways. Nothing is really stopping the humans from barricading the vent hallways either.
    • The map isn’t properly sealed off, meaning there is a leak of some sort.

  • Looks simple but cool. Though you could’ve made it a bit bigger and more complex

  • @Scott gotcha Scott, thanks for the feedback. I’ll definitely take what you said and make it better!

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