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The problem with objective maps, and how to solve it (the solution might be simpler than you think!)

  • I know I’m not the only one who hates the objective maps. But I know there are (for some reason) a great deal who are obsessed with them, how? Because I’ve had three separate occasions where I join to enjoy the high pressure atmosphere of zombie survival, but am met with players who vote for objective maps consecutively, and they, do not offer the experience I join for, they go from fast paced hunkering to a slow crawl of slapping together a barricade and shooting down a tunnel. Regular play and Objective maps are practically polar opposites. But as I said, some players do enjoy them so I wont ask they be removed from the circulation entirely, What I ask is that a separate server be offered for them. Especially because the game-play for objective maps, does not take into account the different skills offered in regular game-play. So if a separate ZSObjective server is offered, with their own skills and abilities, the whole experience would be improved greatly! Just food for thought, but I do hope this suggestion is given at least some consideration.

  • If you run two servers, you would risk having much lower populations. It’s bad enough at some times of the day. Plus I think objective maps require 32 players+. I doubt you’d see that often with another regular ZS server already up and running. Most maps we currently go through aren’t ZE maps anyway. It’s probably only 15% of the time or so.

  • would only be worth spinning up on a weekend when the server is consistently full.

  • Making separate servers for either ze or objective maps won’t work out. In a perfect world we would have enough players to enjoy both modes and maybe then it would work. I’ve already cut down on the amount of ze maps available and over time the amount of objective maps have been pruned.

  • Objective maps are retarded, glorified ZE maps and not at all what I originally intended them to be.

  • My main issue with OBJ maps is how goddamn long they take. an average ZS round is ~30 minutes generally speaking, but an OBJ map can easily take over an hour at times.

  • only the finest win takara tower

  • As I said we need Takaras insulting motivation to win vertigo

  • @skiddies how many times in total has nox won vertigo without dude

  • My thoughts are the same as they were 2 years ago, except now expanded to OBJ as well as ZE.


    Here are my ideas to cut down on burnout :

    • Cycles - Separate objective/ZE maps into “Cycles”. Every time the map list resets, the next cycle of objective/ZE maps becomes active. It could be half of the maps active at a time, or it could be a third, the point is that not every map is available every reset.

    • Obj/ZE Multiplier - Add a multiplier to obj/ze map voting strength. This way, the more people need to be committed to playing a map for it to be picked.

    • Unlock per maplist - Obj/ZE maps only become unlocked after a certain # of wins have been achieved on the current maplist. Losses will contribute to re-locking them. The idea is to kinda make them a reward for winning, and make sure the current party has the “skill” to attack them.

    Or we can just remove them like we did last time.

  • The problem with those longer maps is that they were made very hard so the likelyhood of them lasting more than the average round of zs is actually quite low. Might guage opinion on these types of maps to see if majority actually enjoys them.

  • trying to fix things for zombie escape and objective maps feels pretty gross sometimes. I try not to do too much on them.

  • Banned

    I think the issue would be rectified in some capacity if there was more of a vetting process for the objective maps. Objective maps are of a wide array of types, like ZE and the like, so I don’t think we can just apply the same solution to all kinds of maps. Like, there’s maps like Vertigo, which is a legitimate challenge and fun to play, and then there’s shit like Ancient Temple which you lose because of bullshit regardless of how many times you play it or how well you know the map. Both maps have people who like them because it fits their niches, however that isn’t to say they’re even empirically good. Make get some new maps in there, like, Fragger’s making maps on advice that he’s specifically fielded from this server - something along those lines, where we can get a map tailored to our own kind of clientele, so-to-speak.

    I think the problem is objective maps aren’t often won so there’s an innate stigma that they’re unfair and just not fun, so when one comes up most people are apoplectic because they want to have fun, not waste their time and get frustrated.

    Either that or just fucking remove them. It worked before. Sort of.

  • @bedrockperson3 said in The problem with objective maps, and how to solve it (the solution might be simpler than you think!):

    I think the problem is objective maps aren’t often won so there’s an innate stigma that they’re unfair and just not fun, so when one comes up most people are apoplectic because they want to have fun, not waste their time and get frustrated.

    Not fun? Did you even win single OBJ map fuck idiot???

    Nothing cant be better than the FEEL of winning something crazy hard.

    Go play minecraft, this is the game that fits the word ‘funny’ for you

  • Banned

    @mazah170 Did you have a stroke while typing that out? I don’t know what you’re speaking but it ain’t English.

    “Did you even win single OBJ map fuck idiot”

    “Nothing cant be better”

    “the game that fits the word ‘funny’ for you”

  • It’s time to stop posting.

  • I’m sorry, I’m just don’t want to see OBJ maps removed, or somehow nerfed just because of people wanting to play Easy-Win maps without any challenge and action.
    How can’t you like constant change of decorations and objectives they give you? Yes you need to use brain thing in your head to get them solved. Sometimes human team having too many subhumans with low amount of brain substance in their head, therefore next suggestion could be userful:

    Allow voting for obj maps only if certain number of all remort levels of people online reached. With the correction on player count.

    Also, hello hello? Where are these people who enjoying good long obj maps? I am the only one protecting these?? Don’t let them disappear completely.

  • @mazah170 This isn’t because people want to play “Easy Win Maps” This is because objective maps are repetitive and extremely commonly voted.

    They’re fun in moderation, but I just want to play ZS most of the time.

  • I’ve removed a few unpopular and/or unfair objective maps, as well as fixing an unintended skip on vertigo. Will keep an eye on a few others but I’ve decided to leave them for now. I also tried to adjust sigils and zombie spawns on a few removed normal maps in hopes to balance them out enough for optimal play.

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