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[ZS] Tool Dismantling

  • Since tools cannot be dismantled the scrap invested in a remantled tool variant cannot be regained. Upgraded guns and melee weapons offer recyclability :recycle:

    1. Only upgraded tools can be dismantled. Dismantling yields only scrap spent on upgrading.

    2. Tools only yield 1 scrap + scrap spent on upgrading.

    3. Tools only yield 1 scrap + scrap spent on upgrading + a tool-related crafting component.

  • I could just enable it. I made some critical tools a bit cheaper to buy in the arsenal recently so I don’t think it is as much of a problem as it could be now.

  • the medicguns show “+5 clip size” for their clip sizes increases, which can be a misleading description. It’s my understanding the upgrade adds +5 medical supplies to the clip capacity, although having it display “+1 clip size” would make the description more accurate since it only adds 1 dart to the clip size.

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