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[ZS] Cohesing Sigils and Arsenals

  • I’ve had a discussion about the idea of this an what it would mean for gameplay, and the kinda things this would fix and just make more sense in terms of mechanics. Since the gameplay is more closely tied to humans staying the cade near a sigil, it can be argued these kinds of deployables are less relevant to exist. What would be proposed is sigils act as buy zones and you’d press F2 near them like you do with an arsenal.

    Arsenal crates could be refactored to be “extenders” instead of being something important to place from the start of the game, meaning that they can be removed from worth menu and be something cheaper from arsenal to buy later to extend the range of purchases.

    Things this can help improve:

    • Reduces spawncamping. No arsenal crates near a spawncamping front for ammo or a better gun.
    • Reduces/removes a source of AFK point gain from the gain, which is definitely a plus.
    • Humans don’t lose if 1 person just leaves the arsenal in a terrible location, and humans don’t have to restart the map if the arsenal is broken early on/spawns in a strange location if people didn’t purchase one.
    • Ties together the two most critical things you need to protect, when 90% of the time they’re about maximum 3 feet apart in any game, anyway.

    I’m not sure about objective maps, but I’d either make it so arsenal crates would work as before or you can just purchase anywhere.

    It makes sense to me that tying a critical item in ZS to something you need protect until you escape only makes sense, in my eyes.

  • This would be beneficial to the health of the game. Getting items at an arsenal early is vital early on for competition between between shooters, and later on your higher tier weapons fed. It’s infuriating when other players don’t place down their arsenals or you don’t have time to scour the map for them.

    With this change, arsenal owners need to compete with sigils to profit, meaning they’ll have some baseline of usefulness that they need to meet. It also will encourage arsenal users to put their crates in riskier positions, they won’t be responsible for the entire game anymore, and it isn’t viable to just plop down an arsenal at the sigil and forget about it.

    To add to this, be more transparent to players about why their deployables can’t be placed. Just a bit of text saying Too close to sigil, or Too close to other arsenal. This would make it clear that they’re intended to be spaced out, far away fromt he gigil.

  • nah

  • But why? Why encourage players to AFK and place deployables for spawn camping? Pretty sure you should be not encouraging that game play.

  • a way to punish humans

  • So destroy the sigil…

  • Some kind of activity that requires humans to be active to make crates functionable. Like they require an upkeep of scrap as “fuel”.

  • you can reclaim the sigil but you can’t make another arsenal crate without remantler

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