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EFL Season 6 - Sign Ups

  • Extreme Football League - Season 6

    The Extreme Football Leauge (EFL) is the home of the competitive scene of EFT. The league has been running on and off for a little over 3 years at this point, and it will be continuing with a sixth season.

    Where can I find the rosters, maps, schedules, draft, rankings, streams, and videos?
    You can find most of information on the EFL Group Page (when the season starts). You can find the rosters along with everything else in the EFL Spreadsheet. The EFL Spreadsheet consists of the roster, drafts, stats, maps, schedules, and stuff from previous seasons. The spreadsheet layout will change depending on the number of people who sign up.

    The rules are currently at a WiP but are nearly finalized. You may view them here.

    We also have a YouTube channel with streams and some highlight videos.

    How do I sign up?
    Either message me (forum PM or Steam), the EFT admins, or simply post on this thread. You must inform if you would like to be the following:

    • Player (Be drafted, participate in games for your team)
    • Captain (Draft your team, schedule games, make trades)
    • Substitute/Free Agent (Fill in for missing players)
    • Stat tracker (Record the # of touchdowns made by a certain player)
    • Streamer (Live stream EFL games, would prefer if you could stream at 720p/60 FPS minimum)

    If you sign up as a player and end up not getting drafted, then you will be moved to a Free Agent/Sub. Those who sign up as a player and captain will be put onto the Undrafted category and those who sign up as subs will be put into the Free Agent category. You may sign up for more than one role if you’d like (i.e Substitute and streamer, player and stattracker, etc.)

    You may request an invite for the EFL Group Page if you are interested.

    How will teams be formed?
    Depending on the number of sign-ups, there will be 4-8 teams consisting of around 4-6 people, with one player per team being the captain. People may volunteer to be a captain, with the most viable contenders being selected. Once the captains have been selected, there will be a date for the EFL Draft which will occur on a day where all captains are able to come on and draft their players.

    When do we play, and for how long?
    Captains will be scheduling times with other captains once their opponents from W1 to W6 are finalized. Games will occur on 3 random maps, lasting for approximately 20 minutes each (about one hour per game), once per weekend. The season will last for around 6 weeks, with a post season consisting of a quarterfinal (if we have a lot of folks), semi-final, and the championship game. There may be an all-star game just for the sake of fun following the season.

    What do we get?
    Champions will receive a prize of silver and (most likely) money. You losed you losed you get nothing for trying

    Feel free to ask more questions and what not.

  • i like it

  • sign ups are still continuing, the season is now going to be official as we have enough folks to have an outstanding 4 teams of 4

    captains will be decided next week

    draft in nah
    rules are about done, will update in a day or two

    (certain, but not 100%)

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