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[ZS] Strength shot and Antidote Handgun visual indicators

  • Strength shot and Antidote Handgun could use a visual indicator similar to the HP healed floater from the medic gun and medical kit. It may be difficult to tell if anyone was hit/cured by a strengthshot dart or antidote handgun projectile. Currently the only way to tell is to see the dart hitting them or debuff markers on players going away.

    The strength shot visual indicator could appear as some sort of timer following the boosted target, although a simple indicator just showing they were boosted would work.

  • On the topic of medic tools, when switching between medic tools through your 5 key the first medic tool equipped will always have the humans highlighted. But once you switch to another medic tool it highlights humans for a second but then the highlight disappears.

    I do not know if it may be feature or a client side problem but the only way to fix this is to uncheck weapon fast switch
    in options and manual pick the medic tool. But the highlighting problem persist if you cycle through the 5 key so usually you would switch back to fists then the medic tool in order to get highlighted humans.

    Additionally, when remantling the Savior Medic Gun to the 3rd node, it says the upgraded weapon will have a buff duration increase. The Savior Medic gun can only heal and I don’t think there isn’t any buff.

  • It provides a 10 second movement speed buff if you hit someone with med gun. It’s very significant.

  • Oh did not know about the savior med gun buff. Thought only the Strengthshot med gun did the buffing.

  • The new updates are neat, although the indicators aren’t always consistent. If players have smart targeting and heal a player with bloodlust, it’ll switch to a floater instead (3-4 HP healed per shot). Floaters may also be a better option for players using medicguns since the floaters will appear near the target and the crosshair, whereas messages appear at the center bottom. If medics are healing 6 HP per shot then they’ll see a lot of messages appearing on screen.

    One possible solution would be to add a client option to see either floaters, messages, or both. Another one is to always show floaters along with the messages without a client option. Bloodlust’s debuff could also be changed to reduced health/reduced self healing rather than healing received.

    Since the skill tree reorganization Smart Targeting was changed to -30% medic tool effectiveness from medic gun effectiveness. Not sure why Smart Targeting should negatively affect the medical kit and other medical tools when Smart Targeting is only used for the medic gun.

  • I had it on a threshold to prevent med bomb message spam. I’ll move it focus on medic guns too.

    I will also make smart targetting only operate on medic dart weapons.

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