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[ZS] Grid Layout For Worth/Arsenal Menus?

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    Here’s a rough look at what I was thinking.

    Right now the arsenal has quite a few weapons in the list. I was thinking about making things into the grid format, and probably adding some way to swap between tiers of the weapons at the top or somewhere.

    Perhaps even adding search functionality?

    Tell me what you’d think about this.

  • A layout like this would be a great improvement, as the current layout can feel really crammed in close.

    Additionally, could there possibly be tabs for the different weapon tiers? So if you clicked on the Melee tab, it would show all of the melee weapons, but it would show a dropdown menu that lets you select a specific tier of weapons to view.

  • Yeah, that’s something I’d like to go for

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    Some more work on this. Not sure on the trinkets one, since I’ve docked out the categories for Tier selectors instead and put the descriptors on the trinkets themselves.

  • I like the new design as it looks a lot more compact and easy to use. For the trinkets, as long as they are in order of type like they appear to be in the screenshots they should be fine.

  • Reminder if you don’t like something about these menus you should say

  • The categories inside categories mess was pretty stupid anyways so this is a great improvement.

  • I see you’re going L1->R1->L2 etc. I think you should do L1->L9->R1.

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  • @raox said in [ZS] Grid Layout For Worth/Arsenal Menus?:

    Reminder if you don’t like something about these menus you should say

    why add even more tabs?

    I have to press use, press the category, press the tier, press the item, then press the buy button.

  • I wouldn’t know how to organise it otherwise. It would just be a long scrolling list which people don’t seem to like, if you got rid of the tiers which is what I’m trying to avoid. Could however, add an all selector or something that the list is defaulted to, which is arguably best of both worlds.

    You currently can also enable an option to quick buy and bypass selecting the item and pressing buy on the right, like the old system.

    Would also argue since most people buy guns, they won’t need to change category in I would guess a lot of cases. So you could condense it down 2 clicks in best case.

  • Add a default [ALL] category, this way you get to display all the guns like before on top of being able to choose a tier if needed.

    The next step to this would probably be having those act as filter buttons like [ALL], the tiers, [SMG], [SCOPE], [SLOW], [SPECIAL] etc. A search bar to manually enter names and keywords on top for more specific searching. Each item would have its set of keywords for that.

  • Would it be possible to allow for people to choose which layout they prefer in the Options menu? As much as I like the idea of this new layout, there will surely be people that will dislike it and the ability to choose between the current and grid layout would be great for not forcing it onto people.

  • Could probably make it emulate the old with a 1 column mode.

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