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Indestructible sigils

  • If you kill humans that just tele’d(phasing) to sigil there is a chance that sigil will become indestructible and will have nocollision to everything.

    Sigil is indestructible, you can’t attack it but you can tele to it.

    Here I just walked into the sigil.
    alt text

  • I’m trying to debug/replicate this. Something fucky with collision groups or physics.

  • Perhaps related to the afks spawning at sigils? The problem seems more common since then.

  • Need some advice on this one:

    Seems there’s a weird race condition when CollisionRulesChanged gets called, it doesn’t reset the sigils collision group back to normal.

    I say race condition because it seems that way with the way physics is threaded

  • Bit of investigation makes me think it’s because if a human starts phasing (aka spawning in) at the same time a sigil has just spawned, it might cause the collision group to not reset correctly.

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