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Staff Application

  • Name: Rosk
    Age: 15
    How long have you had Steam: About 8 years (Lost my previous account)

    How long have you been at NoXiousNet: Well I have just made this account for the forums but ive been on the server for close to a year and a half.

    Why do you think you should be admin(3 paragraphs or more): I think I should be admin because there are sometimes when I am on there are mic spammers or simply people on there to ruin the players experience. Sometimes there are people that are AFK for far to long and when people try to votekick them it doesn’t really seem to work. I have had experience in the past with Admin/Mod on many different servers but got demoted because they cant understand I have schooling. I can play a lot on my Christmas break till Jan 3rd because I go back to schooling then. When I am able to be on I can be on for many many hours. When schooling does start back up I can only play on the weekends because I don’t have my comp down home because net is just horrible and my parents hate me on my pc so I go to my grandparents. I can be active on just about everything when I’m able to for long periods of time. I know some of the ULX commands as I still have some binded from before like Gag,Freeze,Etc if any of that is needed for the ZS server. I’m low level in ZS because I would come on and get bored (Don’t know if that would affect me getting admin) but now I have just gotten addicted to playing ZS on here because its simply better then the ones ive played. (To me atleast) I feel that I am pretty fit to be staff. I can be active on the forums from my phone when I’m at home and then active on both the forums and the server on the weekends. (if I go to my grandmas) Please understand that I am 15 and do have school work to worry about. Now if like I’m not on for over a month and a half then I would understand for a demotion.

    What could you bring to improve NoXiousNet: What I could bring to improve NoX is I can be active when I can and keep players out that are trying to ruin the ZS experience for the other players trying to enjoy it. I can give ideas for the ZS when I sit and think about it which I have a few times but haven’t really pieced my ideas together.
    Rosk <3

  • That’s good honey. Now don’t forget to brush your teeth before going to bed.

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