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We lost wave 0 bois.

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    So noone wants to play this 2% survival rate map(550 plays, 10 wins)
    People suicide alot in beginning of first game. Game ended at intermission of wave 1.

    Next game This happens.

    Also. Inferno did it but I don’t think anyone is mad at him for that.
    Watzi did stairs from props to heaven…
    Then it was ruined at wave 1 began and everyone was rip.

    (don’t ban anyone pl0x.)

  • Ok can we merge these threads about maps with sub 4% winrate? (or ones with Trendsetter, not that I know the exact definition).

    We don’t want high winrate maps on the server but equally anything with anemic winrates where the zombies literally have to AFK for the humans to win should probably be also removed. There are probably too many maps on the server, a whole lot of quantity over quality.

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