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[ZS] Barricade Points via Nailed Props

  • I was wondering about another way to gave caders some way to gain points. Basically I’d proposing barricaders gain points for zombies that hit props that are “near humans” (the system we currently use to allocate barricade damage). It wouldn’t have to be a large amount of points or large ratio. This would be alongside repairing.

    One thing that I could gate it behind is having the prop already have had some of it’s health be repaired before you gain points - so as a sign you’re using the prop. The more it has been repaired, more points you gain for damage the prop takes.

    The rationale behind this is:

    • Force fields already give you points for blocking damage now.
    • Incentivize protecting the team - important activity.
    • Debuffs point multipliers were removed, so this won’t stack to crazy levels or anything like that.

    I don’t believe this is exploitable any different from literally a zombie standing outside the gas and not attacking the humans when there’s zero players on, as a method of point farming. I’m not really concerned about it.

    Is this inherently a bad idea?

  • well,as long as you need to take a lot of prop damage,it seems kinda fine

  • Seems fine to me. Having it be limited to only props near humans would stop most point farming, and having the prop require being repaired first should stop the rest.

  • @raox
    How would we handle people putting lots of nails into an already-nailed prop to make it “their” barricade for the points? I guess just making props unable to be nailed at all after four are put in?

    On the subject, how does that ownership system even work?

  • You’d split it up between nail owners. It’s valuable to add health to a prop nail/nail it down so it only makes sense to do so.

    I guess if you can put more than 4 nails in a prop, you shouldn’t be able to.

  • The distance required for the prop “to be close to humans” could get fucky, with some long hallway cades and whatnot. Trying to play devil’s advocate here and that’s all I could come up with, I do think caders need some more options thrown in for point generation like this though.

  • It already works fine for barricade damage (taken into account partially when selecting who’s boss). That checks if humans are near.

  • This is fine, but if 4 caders put 1 nail into a prop and said prop is attacked, will the points be split up depending on how many people put nails into the prop, or will each cader get the base number of points for this?

  • It realistically makes sense to split it by investment.

  • Do an AABB test towards whoever killed a zombie and get the props that are in between the killer and the zombie.

    Put the owners of the props in a table and calculate their “total prop health” contribution. More prop health means more contribution.

    Divide an assist point in between the contributors.

  • This post is deleted!

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