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Publish 430 - Skill Tree Rework

  • Publish 430 - SKILL TREE REWORK

    • The skill tree has been totally reworked and seperated into 6 smaller trees composed of 130 skills.
    • There are now 12 places to start, 2 for each tree.
    • Your skill points have been refunded, but you do not lose any XP, remort levels or levels. You can go ahead and spend your refunded SP on the new trees right away.

    alt text


    • Added 24 new skills to the game.
      • Heavy Strikes - Gives you +100% knockback with melee weapons, but you take 8% of the damage you deal. If you’re using your fists, you’ll take +100% of the damage instead.
      • Motion I - III - A small bonus like vitality but your movement speed.
      • Rollermine - Unlocks the deployable rollermine. Can be controlled remotely. Moves across the ground and works with controllable skills such as Loaded Hull.
      • Cannonball - Allows you to slow your projectile speed. Considered a neutral skill since it can be useful.
      • Taut - Gives you the ability to not drop props while carrying them from damage, but you move slower with them.
      • Agile -> Agile I - III - A set of skills that gives increased jumping power in return for reduced movement speed.
      • Biology I - III - A split of the Surgeon perks. Increases your healing power. The Surgeon perks no longer increase healing power.
      • Focus -> Focus I - III - Grants you increased accuracy in return for reduced reloading speed.
      • Alacrity - Allows you to start with a random trinket. These trinkets are unique and not able to be disassembled. Note you can only start with a food item (from Preparedness) or a random trinket. Having both will make it random.
      • Sure Step - Reduces the effectiveness of slows on you in return for reduced movement speed.
      • Intrepid - Reduces the effectiveness of the slow from being low HP for reduced overall movement speed.
      • Cardiotonic - Allows you to hold SHIFT to run, gaining +35 movement speed. Doing this consumes blood armor. Having this skill reduces the protection blood armor provides and also reduces your base movement speed.
      • Bloodlust - Grants you the ability to leech back health you’ve lost recently with a percentage of the damage of melee weapons. This will be marked as “phantom health” on your health indicator, which is the maximum amount of health you could recover. Gives you a penalty to your healing received, meaning you heal slower.
      • Scourer - Replaces the end of wave points bonus with a half ratio end of wave scrap bonus.
      • Lanky II - The extension of Lanky I. Carries the same bonuses and penalties.
      • Antidote Shot - Unlocks the Antidote Shot handgun. Fires piercing bolts that cure poison of multiple players (but cannot heal health or bleed). It also removes statuses, granting a small point bonus for each status removed.
      • Dispersion - Increases the radius of cloud bomb type weapons, but decreases the time they’re active for.
      • Brash - Improves the impact delay time of your weapons, but getting the killing blow will slow down your movement speed for a few seconds.
      • Pulse Drone - A replacement for the Pulse Cutter skill. A drone that shoots out pulse projectiles that slow zombies slightly.
    • Added new Tier 3 weapon - “Onyx” Rifle - A middle of road sniper rifle with very balanced statistics.
    • Added new trinket - Reprocessor - Allows right clicking with a food item. It will turn into medical ammo.
    • Added new trinket - Resonance Cascade Device - Dealing enough slowing damage to zombies with pulse weapons will cause a shockwave that deals AoE damage. Gives you a small penalty to slowing damage generation as downside.
    • Added new Tier 2 craft - “Enkindler” Fire Mine Layer - Lays improved impact mines that have a chance to set zombies on fire.
    • Added new trinket - Superior Assembly - A bonus for Tier 2 or lower weapons based on how much you’ve remantled them.
    • Added the Bloodshot Bomb - Grants a small amount of blood armor and a short duration strength bonus to humans in the radius. Affected by Dispersion. Cloud time affects the buff duration.
    • Added new Tier 4 melee - Scythe - Pierces like a longsword and has a 3 hit combo.


    • Skill changes:
      • Haemostasis now allows you to completely block the effects of negative statuses but you lose 3 blood armor per status blocked.
      • Orphic Focus now grants a larger magnitude of bonuses and penalties.
      • Cheap Knuckles is now Cheap Tactics - Any weapon can gain the backstab slow bonus, but now carries a new penalty of -10% melee range.
      • Ropeadope and Knuckle Mastery have been merged into a single skill, and the swing delay reduction has been increased to -35%.
      • Removed point multipliers from debuffs. They were a way to scale a massive amount of points for a little amount of risk in the later stages of the game.
        • They have been replaced with other modifiers, such as starting points/scrap, resupply delay, and so on.
      • Decreased the penalty of Twin Volley from 75% to 50%.
      • Rocket turrets now have +10% damage and -20% fire delay.
      • Increased the bonuses associated with Sugar Rush in terms of both speed and duration.
      • Blood Armor now regenerates to maximum blood armor.
    • Reduced the amount of scrap to upgrade turrets and zappers and let them be dismantleable since they’re not crucial. Turrets and Zappers are now considered Tier 1 in this regard.
    • Given the Wisp a massive boost to manuverability. It should no longer feel like you’re trying to navigate through treacle.
    • Made the Remedial Booster Tier 3.
    • The bonuses (damage protection) and debuffs (damage reduction on zombies) that come from Medical Rifle are now stronger than they used to be.
    • Reworked the Cinder Rod. No longer removes itself from your inventory and has rebalanced stats.
    • Prop phasing via nailing near zombies now only applies to boss zombies. Going to try this for a while, rewarding dilligent barricaders who are proactive.
    • Improved the accuracy of the eraser to compensate for the pistol ammo nerfs.
    • Removed the glock reload speed penalty to compensate for the pistol ammo nerfs.
    • Shroud clip size and accuracy increased to compensate for the pistol ammo nerfs.
    • Deagle damage pushed up from 53 -> 54.5 to compensate for the pistol ammo nerfs.
    • Decreased damage manhacks do to nests, but increased their base damage by roughly 15%.
    • Refined Subscope now works on Tier 3 weapons.
    • Colossus damage: 110 -> 120.
    • Reduced all stats on the Owens except damage.
    • Slug Rifle has a 2.5x headshot multiplier, which applies to bosses.
    • It is now impossible to hold Gluon type weapons aim perfectly straight. This is affecting by modifiers to “palsy”.
    • Adjusted the formula for the way zombies get extra health when they spawn.
    • Zombies at a low infliction get a buff to damage and speed. This is denoted with a slight green glow.
    • All cold damage now implicitly inflicts arm damage (not a real change, but for the future.)
    • Frost Shade, Chilled Ghoul, Frigid Revenant and Cool Wisp are immune to sources of slow from cold weapons (Frotchet and Cryo Gas Grenade).
    • Tithonus damage: 21 -> 22.5. Accuracy also improved slightly.
    • Bonemesh projectiles only heal skeletal classes 36% as fast. The regeneration buff is also only 36% as effective.
    • The Muon damage now scales according to how much heat it has, and deals more damage on an overheat.
    • Message beacons and force fields now pack faster.
    • Force field emitters now require pulse ammo. They consume pulse ammo to block poison. If they run out of pulse ammo the shield becomes inactive and invisible. On the upside, they can only be totally destroyed at the base now.
    • Force field emitters now give 50% more points.


    • Selecting a component or trinket will tell you what it can be used with, if it has recipes. You do not need to be holding a weapon to try crafting it.
    • ASMD now requires Quasar + Precision Chassis in terms of crafting components.
    • Medic guns lockon delay with Smart Targetting is no longer tied to the primary delay.
    • Minelayers can now right click on out of reach mines and turn them into inert ammo. The ammo cannot be picked up by anyone other than the owner for the next 15 seconds.
    • The Modular Barrel component now comes from the Stubber and the Burst Fire Mechanism now comes from the Crackler.
    • Made it so Objective Maps don’t display locked zombie classes. The amount of zombie classes displayed was obscene. The zombie class bar will shrink to 1 row if need be.
    • Added a notification when a player picks up a ZE weapon.
    • “zsdropweapon” will now drop your ZE weapon.
    • ZE weapons now have a sprite to indicate where you have to stand to pick it up and are team colored. Green for zombies and orange for humans.
    • The ammo side bar no longer removes ammo options if you have 0 ammo left (from dropping or giving). Instead, the ammo indicators grey out and the indicators are gone when you close and reopen the menu.
    • Moved deployables into their own tab in the arsenal.
    • Made it so killicons that use a font render with a higher size in the weapon selection (HL2/CSS guns).
    • Improved the denotation of what you can select in the worth menu. Items you can’t select are now properly red highlighted.
    • Added the Craft Book to the Weapons Database. Displays all crafting recipes.
    • Humans now spawn on sigils when they connect.
    • Added a close button to the zombie class menu.
    • Updated Sawhack appearance and killicon.


    • Fixed being able to dismantle trinkets you weren’t supposed to.
    • Fixed Hemo Adreno Amplifier only giving you 5 seconds of movement speed.
    • Fixed fist knockback angles.
    • Fixed being able to give trinkets when they already have it.
    • Zombies can no longer damage two props at the same time.
    • Readded brass ejections and fixed muzzle flashes.
    • Fixed Frigid Ghoul appearing as locked.
    • Fixed materias/ZE Weapons not dropping in ZE from dead players.

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  • Here’s zs in Microsoft Publisher format.

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    I don’t know where I can get a tree of perks.

  • The answer is you can’t. It’s not public.

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    The code for Zombie Survival is up for everyone as well as any other previously private repos. Support will be limited. I might take a back seat and passively develop it as a public thing now via pull requests or giving collaborator to someone who wants it.

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