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[ZS] Low Winrate Map Discussion (Remove the /mapstats %.)

  • Whole bunch of players just dont want to play as human if survival rate is below ¬5-6%. Its bullshit, even some good maps have low rating because people simply wont try to win. I will not name these (players) but when around 3-5 experienced zmains starting to constantly skipping maps, its realy annoying and ruining whole gameplay. And they keep doing it until desired easy win map comes out. But when it does, alot of humans already rage-disconnected, and team lacks dps which leads to loose.

    Just remove the lost rounds counter, im sure it will increase motivation by shit ton.

    This problem is old, but last week this shit started to grow fucking fast, so yes, its rage post, you should understand me.

  • I feel like the player base can already infer from having /mapstats be available in the first place. It’s sort of one of those things that might be too late to change.

    There is a problem though - related to “map skipping”, people try to accelerate low winrate maps to the ones which have higher winrates. Something needs to be done with this.

  • Make it so you get more XP and some other reward from winning low win rate maps.
    Lower XP gain from high win rate maps.

  • I don’t have access to the NoX Core repo, but we now track the winrates of maps with separate data so I could use that to adjust the XP gained from them. XP might not be enough however, it needs to be something more tangible and permanent.

    Could increase the “patient zero” buff infliction threshold on easier maps or something also instead of the global damage resistance.

    I’ve been thinking, (after this update), of making something permanent beyond the skill tree but in the same kind of theme, as skills with upsides and downsides. Some kinda random item system that generates either weapon tweaks or permanent trinkets that have generated values, but they also carry upsides and downsides. You could trade them with other players maybe but they’d only be obtainable with playtime. So you could get something that gives you +2 health and -1.5 speed, or perhaps one for a particular weapon that gives it more reload speed but less accuracy, such as say your tosser. You can only equip say a few of these. But you could use them customise your build even further. Not sure what this would look like, but it would be there to encourage people to play to keep getting the ones they want.

  • Make an XP multiplier that is calculated from your position in the “death” list. Penalizing early deaths.
    You get no change in XP multiplier from being picked as a starting zombie.

    The idea here is that you have an account bound XP multiplier that changes over time. Doing good increases your multiplier and doing bad decreases your multiplier.

    Over time, those who are the last 10% surviors get up to x2 XP multiplier.
    The first 20% deaths will get their XP multiplier lowered down to a minimum of x0.1
    The 70% of people in the middle will get their XP slowly moved back to x1

  • That might work.

  • Important to have a big fat red message saying

    You were one of the first humans to die
    Next time, don’t be so careless
    XP multiplier has been decreased

    And a green message for the last survivors.

  • Also, we need a huge red YOU LOST screen when all humans are killed.

    THe current end round card needs more impact.

  • I’d like punishments for people dying/suiciding really early on. An EXP multiplier could be good. I’d prefer it to be done by wave rather than survivor count, although the last 20% should probably be guaranteed to not lose multiplier under any circumstances, and the last 50% should be immune to the -.5/-.3 multiplier loss, instead getting the -.1, in case of a round 1 wipe due to people not liking the map and trying to force a change. There’s no reason to punish the legitimate players who get caught by that.

    To go along with the earlier bit, here are some number suggestions:

    Dying the first half of Wave 1: -.5 multiplier (dying that early means either you’re playing like an actual retard or you died on purpose)
    The second half of Wave 1: -.3 multiplier (sometimes zombies group up and pick someone off at this point, but you still shouldn’t be dying.

    The first half of wave 2: -.1 multiplier (usually when people die at this point it’s because either they were reckless and got caught by the boss or they’re new and don’t know how to enter barricades. Perhaps a different message for this point?)
    The second half of wave 2 - first half of wave 3: No change. (Occasionally on bad maps or with lots of good zombies/bad human players people wipe late into wave two or early wave 3)
    The second half of wave 3: +.1 multiplier, capped at 1 (this is the middle of the round. If you survived this long you’re average.)

    Anytime on wave 4: +.15 multiplier, capped at 1 (slightly above average)

    Anytime on wave 5: +.2 multiplier, capped at 1 (surviving this long means the human team is doing well.)

    The first half of Wave 6: +.3 multiplier, capped at 1.2, only +.05 if already at 1, if the +.3 would put you above 1 set to 1 (surviving this long means you’re doing well and likely contributing to your team.
    Second half of Wave 6: +.4 multiplier, capped at 1.5, only +.05 if already at 1, if the +.4 would put you above 1 set to 1 (Almost made it!)

    Surviving: Surviving a round would immediately set you back to 1, and if you were already at 1 would add +.1 up to 2.0

    While at anything over 1, dying before wave 5 (maybe second half of 4?) would incur a -.1 penalty, on top of whatever penalty dying at that point already had if it had one.

    Overall, the system should heavily punish players who die very early or on purpose and allow players who consistently do very well to be rewarded for it.

  • @omen267901 Don’t overthink it

  • @eytåmik That’s what I do best though.

  • In hindsight though, that might not fix the issue. Why play a hard map when you could still skip to the easy one? It still saves time to kill everyone on Wave 1.

  • @raox You have a good point. Some people, especially higher-level players, likely won’t care about EXP all that much and may still suicide or intentionally play badly anyway just to get to an easier map. I’m not too sure how to punish this without ruining the experience. Potentially have super early deaths carry a punishment over to the next map, like reduced damage or lowered speed/HP?
    EDIT: Or potentially have players who die super early have a higher chance of being starter zombie? Not sure how that would work though.

  • We need to give people incentive to try their best at the maps they don’t like.

    Make people feel like they’re missing out by going zmain or suiciding early in the round.

    Have people not gain any XP for losing before wave 3-4

    Have sub-rewards for surviving late waves.
    Like: Wave 4: 50xp, Wave 5: 100xp:

  • It would have to be an ongoing thing. If a some penalty carries on over to the “easy win” map then that might work. But that also could be stupid and too harsh, idk.

    You could try flipping it around the other way? If you tried on a “hard map” and made good progress, it makes the next map easier? It would be a rarer occurrence but a nice reward.

  • No one cares about xp enough for that inane stuff to matter. Just remove the maps above 15% and call it a day.

  • An exp multiplier for certain conditions being met changing from 0.5x, 2x, 1x… would be amazing

  • This post is deleted!

  • Bump. The shit still continues.
    Population when zmains online drops significantly during daytime (Russia, Moscow for me).

    For example when player like Tricky was online today, its gone from 25 to 12, and then fell to 8 when this dumbfuck started skipping maps. And that doesnt stop these players from making jokes out of it. Its fine for them.

  • Just an idea:
    After several suicides (!rtd, molotov/gravity/prop/dying at/near ZSPAWN/Woodchipper/etc.) at wave 0-2
    You receive a temporal debuff, that decreases your maximum hp as a zombie.

    More you suicide early on - less hp as zombie you have. Each map that you haven’t suicided early (And gained some points) increases your MAX HP as a zombie by 1/2 of what was taken away previous time you suicided.

    Woulda make me stop zmaining and maybe others.(Poi is better than me at zmaining and he is zombie like every time I see him playing)

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