[ZS] New Votemap System

  • You can give a map a rating at the end of each round. 1-5 stars.

    Maps on the votemap list at the end of the round consists of the average of the top 5 maps on everyone’s list and 10 maps selected from a list that goes on a rotation.
    Maps that are played often are penalized from the “popular” list. We’re not playing pidaras 5 times every day.

    List is shuffled clientside.

    Right now we have 1000 maps on a huge list and the map that is played is whatever is below the mouse cursor when the votemap menu opens.

  • I agree with this, it would help with organizing the maps people love playing on and the maps people hate playing on based on rating.

  • @casko-chan Ratings won’t be public. You won’t know what maps are picked from votings and what maps are from the rotation.

  • people will just rate whatever was easy 5.

  • As Jetboom said, all of the high-rated maps would be the easy ones, and all of the low-rated maps would be the hard ones. If this influenced map sorting, you’d likely see people playing the easy maps pretty much nonstop.

    People’s idea of a “bad” map is usually one that’s hard for humans to win. If you want to sort out legitimately bad maps and try to either find a way fix them or remove them, then you’ll need to do it manually.

  • Ratings aside. How about lowering the map count in the votemap menu based on certain criterias. I don’t know. 15 random maps selected from the lowest win rate maps to the highest.

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