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[ZS] Deployable Barricade (no not like that)

  • An easy to use deployable barricade to “block out” areas with a basic barricading structure.
    Used mainly to signal that a stronger barricade should be at this location.

    Could be a door model with some planks supporting it or something.

    Low health.
    Can’t be repaired.
    Can’t nail props to it.
    All deployed barricades break and can’t be deployed after wave 3
    Players with a hammer mastery can pack up these barricades without penalty.

    Used for simple wave 1 door/window barricades where rounds depend on whether or not someone skilled with a hammer barricaded the main entrances.
    Incentive for less skilled players to “help out”

  • Aeigis kit.

  • @EYTÅMIK Maybe make it a worth menu only item (Replacing the worth menu aegis?) that’s cheap but only has somewhere around 200(?) health. Due to its low health and limited accessibility, it wouldn’t need to break on wave 3.

    I really like the idea of giving players a way to take the heat off of caders during earlier waves, and suppressing the cries the cries of “GAME OVER NO CADE” 5 seconds into the match.

  • I do like the idea of an early-game only Aegis that costs way less (but is much weaker) to give wave 1 caders more breathing room and allowing people who can’t actually cade to help a bit.

  • “Could be a door model with some planks supporting it or something.”

    What were you thinking of? Draw some sketch or something

  • @raox said in [ZS] Deployable Barricade (no not like that):

    “Could be a door model with some planks supporting it or something.”

    What were you thinking of? Draw some sketch or something

    Something that functions as a standalone barricade that stands on the ground. Not connected to a wall or a doorway.
    And something that doesn’t take up that much space. But is medium to tall.

    Could be a wooden shelf with a bunch of large nails on it, signalling that it is nailed to the ground but you can’t remove them.

  • I was sort-of thinking of a barricade that you can choose 3 forms when deploying so you can make it fit doorways or windows if you want to. None of them can be repaired.

    Standard form - general-purpose barricade that can be deployed anywhere it fits, but might not be the best choice in all situations. Has the least health of the three to encourage using the others. Maybe 500?

    Shape: Rectangular, wider than it is tall, potentially reuse a shelf model? Have planks going across the bottom it’s attached to showing that it’s nailed to the floor. Potentially attachable to the ceiling too?

    Door Form - Fits into the standard door frame (might need a bit of leniency because mapmakers can be dumb sometimes). Snaps specifically to them to prevent deployment elsewhere. Has more health than the Standard (750).

    Shape: Large sheet of plywood with wooden planks nailed in where the hinges would be on an actual door, but on all sides. (sorta like this, shitty drawing time:

    Window form - Due to there not being a “standard” window size this one I’m not entirely sure about. Would have the same HP as the door one and would be designed so you can shoot through it to some degree (I.E between boards).

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