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any interest in me trying to host something?

  • I have a server box going (mostly) unused and I might see about using it to host something for nox. But, only if Nox actually cares about it.

    Current candidates if I go through w/ this:

    • Sandbox edit
    • SS13
    • RTP “Return To Roots”

    Likeliness, 1-10: 4

    • Best server type for admin events and shenanigans
    • Has been popular in the past and can serve as a rapid gamemode test (using Wire)
    • General positive attitude when people weren’t doing stupid, demote-able shit
    • Literally the base gamemode of gmod


    • Has been tried in the past and deemed too much of a resource-suck
    • Would die overnight as most Nox regulars are american or canadian
    • Good chance of dying out anyway once the feeling of newness goes away

    Likeliness, 1-10: 7

    • :clown:
    • Very popular with Nox regulars
    • Code is modular and flexible in most cases, allowing unique events to be created quickly
    • Admin-only items in shop draw attention to the game


    • Has its own drama, possibly requiring me to select SS13-exclusive admins
    • Server box is Linux based, requiring me to find a way to emulate or otherwise run Windows, for BYOND exclusively
    • Updating requires maintenance that I am not around often enough to give easily
    • Would require its own ruleset with its own caveats and modifications

    RTP "Return to Roots"
    An RTP edit that brings the game back to 2008 instead of this dumb DOTA-but-not-quite mess we have nowadays.
    Warriors would have the ability to guard and be a simpler class. Wizards wouldn’t be all-powerful gods. Assassins would have downsides, like they did when Shock was useful.
    Spells would make any sense at all. (i.e. Sun Beam actually being a beam and not a projectile)

    Likeliness, 1-10: 2


    • Would almost definitely revive a gamemode that inspired countless knockoffs
    • Can help inspire unique gamemodes in the sea of DarkRP, TTT, ZS, and Murder edits
    • Brings the “basewars” popularity wave to Garry’s Mod, and would certainly bring at least some server pop to Nox


    • It’s probably dead for a reason
    • Code is complex and hard to edit
    • Most likely would be an unofficial server due to Jetboom’s dislike for RTP

  • ss13 - provided it’s a quality server and it’s the same build as noxstation

  • @god-king-takara

    if jet, zet, or whoever has it will provide me the noxstation build that’s what I’ll run. Otherwise, I’ll probably run tgstation and edit that, seeing as that’s what noxstation was based off of.

    Quality depends on how much attention the devs pay to it. Last time it was fucking amazing until the ddos and then nobody paid any attention and quality went down the drain.

    I’ll personally try to keep it high-quality, though. No point running ss13 if it’s not unique. Just ask any of the dozens of 0-pop servers that have been up for months and are basically base /tg/.

    You can count on takara money making an appearance though.

  • SS13 would need a really unique gimmick in order to make it stand out. Hippie Station 13 is already having the players who would usually play on the old station. “No rules” is not a good enough reason.

    I would suggest thinking up a new gamemode with abilities/spells rather than being distracted from the RTP nostalgia. What hurt RTP the most was the arrogance behind “not needing to do game design”. Which worked when gmod10 was super fresh

  • bring back one armed clowns.
    :clown: :wheelchair: My chair!

  • @ed640 said in any interest in me trying to host something?:

    bring back one armed clowns.
    :clown: :wheelchair: My chair!

    i can do it myself

    made me laugh every time

  • host tribes rpg and deal with the constant application level dos attacks, crashes every 30 minutes, and population drop.

    srsly though I’d host it if people didnt stop after the first 2 days.

  • O shit, i would love to have Nox sandbox

  • so I’ve been poking my head in a few days but with no posts for a few days I’ll provide a status update.

    Note that throughout this post I’ll be using ‘we’ to refer to Noxiousnet as a group of people. Seeing as I’ve been de-admined (and rightfully so, for lots of inactivity), I don’t count myself aside from being an unofficial host.

    SS13 :clown:
    Only a few bits of news on that front. Lots of server drama going on right now, Paradise, tg, CM, and so forth are all up in a twist on the subreddit alone. It’s possible we may be able to situate ourselves as an ‘in between’ with no real attraction to anything beyond the /tg/ code we base ourselves off of, if we use /tg/.

    To say nothing of what the drama’s actually about.

    Still looking for a copy of Noxstation though I very seriously doubt anyone’s going to bother letting me rehost it myself much less actually get me a copy. Especially with how long it’s been.

    It turns out there is a linux BYOND server binary, but it’s terribly unstable – as in, currently, somewhere around 20 minute crashes unstable. I might experiment with it but probably going to just use a screenless wine setup or something.

    Sandbox :wrench:
    Still willing to host this though less so at the moment due to the fact I’m unwilling to lose a constant 75% of my server CPU to making sure Sandbox stays happy and snappy if it’ll be empty 75% of the day.

    RTP Rehost :crossed_swords:
    Not gonna happen. Bedwars population wave is starting to die out now, no point in trying to revive a gamemode we’re not going to care about less then 2 months from now.

    Self-Created Gamemode :computer:
    Also not happening, at least for the time being. I don’t have enough game design experience to make a good MOBA and don’t really want to consider diving tthat deep into Glua just to make an ass-pull attempt at this.

    Tribes RPG :dart:
    Possibly, and I may be able to get around the constant crashing, but it’ll take me a while of fucking with it to figure it out.
    I’m not as willing to host this as I am SS13, but I’m also not against it. If SS13 ends up not working out this will probably be my next choice.

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