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  • Don’t instantly throw minuses at me please.

    Stubber riffle is a great tool of killing undead creatures. If these are not 5 meters ahead. So why not to go even further and upgrade it?

    I suggest you to add a better sight through the crafting Stubber riffle with something else (trinket? , some prop?), that will add 2x zoom ability for that tool, however it will have drawback: firing rate should be significantly decreased, as shooting from long range requires much more concentration.

    Now you can throw your minuses.

  • This post is deleted!

  • what resolution do you play at where you need more zoom?

    i can dink dead men at any range with that god given gun.

  • @prof-dru


    On big maps zheads from distance looks so damn small, and with new small models (loli agile), it’s even painful to aim.

    After all I just would like to see new craft for stubber like Owen, Battleaxe or z9000 have.

  • @mazah170 I’ve never struggled with that, the hitboxes are the same for the new models too, so try aiming where you would normally aim.

    With the new changes to ironsighting, I’m not completely opposed to having a rifle with a more powerful scope, however should such a rifle be available on wave 1? I mean, you can already dink zombies from very far away with the stubber, and making that easier for a starter weapon could be very strong. I can see increased zoom better fitting a higher tier rifle like the hunter.

    Besides, a craft that adds zoom at the cost of fire rate would be a horrible trade.

  • At least I tried, thanks for response.

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