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Request for permanent ban and really, really high right now removal.

  • Banned

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:50750782

    I got the really, really high right now because i sent a friend request to Raox while we were both playing on the server (so i wasn’t annoying him when he might have been busy) and he neither accepted or declined the offer, so after a minute when i saw him walking around in game i shot him multiple times with strengthshot ( i wanted to get his attention, but didn’t over do it) and he killed me. When i become a zombie he gave me the permanent really, really high right now. I had previously annoyed Raox before i was permanently muted (20 days ago) when him and Darker One was on, as a joke saying “admin fight! team raox!” when he and Darker One talked about the mod updates, but i got temporarily muted for that so i think i got my punishment for that previous incident.

    For some reason it doesn’t show up in but i found the log, but you can see that the log has got nothing to do with the really, really high right nowing and it was because of the friend request and strengshoting.

    You can see it in that i was playing with permanent mute and snail for 20 days and i didn’t create a alt account then because i could still play it with those bans (but no obj or ze). really, really high right now made it impossible to play (maybe lower the shake effect?) so i created the alt account. My permanent ban was because of creating a alt account to evade bans. I should have just made a suspension center post instead of doing that.

    Permanent ban was given when i wasn’t on, I joined the server with my alt account named “Colil (alt)” and when “Sane” took notice he said in voice chat that he was going to tell Raox so i immediately changed my name to “Agsag” (random button mash) and left the server, when i checked a minute later i was banned on both accounts.

    I said “I promise not to press on the chilly issue anymore” and “i will keep my promise of not bothering you with unban requests again.” on my previous suspension center post and that was about my friends (chilly etc) so i hope you agree that i kept my promise.

    Tell me if there is anything other i need to do to get unbanned.

  • stop trying. you were permabanned for bypassing punishments with an alt.

    you aren’t coming back.

  • Banned

    @raox I know you are really decisive so i guess im out of luck, but i had created the post on eu hours just so you would be the first admin to see it, Dont you think “really, really high right now” was uncalled for? and that was before i created a alt and was banned

  • I think your existence is uncalled for.

  • Never post again

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