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I don't understand why I'm still getting banned

  • Yeah joke title I know. So recently I went back on the Nox zombie server and found that my restrictions I’ve had for ages had been removed. All is fine and suddenly Raox comes on and completely restricts me for no reason. Why? Because “brony”

    I’d like to state I’ve not been one for quite a while now. I understand the restrictions I had in the past were because of it but it seems a bit unjust. There was no rule breaking and I’m sure most on the server during such times can attest to that. The only real referances to such were people that seemed to remember me. I don’t know if my ban was permanent but randomly lifted or what so I’d like to humbly request this restriction be removed.

    I understand the way these servers work and I can’t blame you for it. I have no problem with what’s just happened and if lifted I will completely forget about all of this. But I can’t change how some people may still remember me by.

  • Except you can still play the game.

  • I thought you’d have taken this seriously as you handed it out but I can see I was mistaken. Good luck on your server Raox. Even if the people on it are awful I can’t deny your team ran a good ZS server. Goodbye.

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  • :racehorse:

  • Horses can’t talk dude but I guess they can walk around.

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