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A good night on ZS

  • So it starts with me hoping on at 10 PM, MT. Doing what I like a lot,I go my usual plank build on the normal survive maps, almost never on OBJ maps. Every goes normal and I am doing well for what I can do for the team.
    11 PM,MT
    This is where things and stuff start to happen. We load into a different map, some people hoped of as others were hoping on. One person in particular hopes, at first i didn’t mind the guy at all on my days before this i liked him a bit as a player. We are going through the waves well, I got a nice hand full of trinkets and upgrades from my remantler. I start to get a little too low on HP for being a melee main, and this guy just refuses to heal me for being a “plank main”. Later i found it was just me he didn’t heal at all. Final wave comes for the map and I got the last of my upgrades, yes I melee on wave 6 fight me. Things and stuff start to get a little dire for us and this guy still not healing me,lucky other medics did, and he just keeps saying things like “How is waste scrap.” “Don’t use this guys rematler” “Go outside and die plank main”.
    12 AM,MT
    More into the fire show up, thighs just get really funny for me. New map loads same things happen but more people decide to not only say shit, but actually tried banning me for funzes at the start of each map or restart. During pauses of chat, I would type things and stuff like “we done, we kool, do we need a talk?”, every now and then they would say yes, but keep going anyway,each and every time I laughed my A$$ off.
    1AM, MT
    Small intermission need to get up and stretch,$moke,eat but stayed in server for no afk timed out, still reading the chat.
    Map restart, same build. I asked if theses guys were kool or no, do we need to talk. they start saying things like “are you a furry”. I fuking lost my shit here my roomate almost woke up to me laughing. I just typed back" try harder", and this guys thinks I am a horse fuker now, the others were telling me to kill myself, nice meme so far for me.
    3 AM,Mt
    My roommate wakes up and joins in kinda.
    As the last of the waves come to end my roommate wakes and begins to do his morning routine well he waits for a new map to load to hop on. As he got on wave 1 had started and he failed to be human, at first I tried asking him if he could help me he never did. Same thing happens for me and the guys, medic no heal me, guys say “kill your self”, I’ll say with “I try everyday and fail, try aging”. My roommate starts laughing about all the shit that is happening and what happened as he was sleeping. About 3:30 one last guy shows up for the meme, Like the others, this guy whats to say things like I am mic spamming, though I was typing this whole time with a few, “heal me, they are getting through, what sigle to go” over the mic here and there.
    The last (on the server) laugh.
    My buddy gets off, but I stay as I do. New map, same shit but I die a bit early then usually, so do most of those guys. At this point each of them are salty and toxic as high hell, but also were starting to give up. After a wave or 2 or nothing from, in-terms of shit talking, I asked “we done,we kool?, do we need a talk” as i have been all night. Only one guy want to keep going and said that I need to stop even though I didn’t start this nor can stop this on my own plus I was having enough keks for the night I could take anymore. Some of the others on the server were start to get fed up with this carp, the guy said no more after that. I asked once more “we done, we kool?, we need a talk?”. No responce for a wave from any of one. “Have a nice night, was fun”
    4:20 AM,MT Here I am starting this Shit post.
    5:30 AM,MT Here I am ending my Shit post

  • I know I will be getting some negative feed back on this. I never type or write stories that much, so my English may be off as hell, but hopefully you guys can still read it, plus those guys may read this and comment but I will not respond to any of thems.
    Also, some of you might be asking “wave 6 melee is death” I get tanky enough to handle it with levels and trinkets, plus with my range I invested in helps a lot. Chrees to medic mains, I love you all.

  • It’s time to stop posting

  • Your post makes me want to rearrange and align my takara money in a predictable pattern.

  • Banned

    4:20 AM,MT Here I am starting this Shit post.
    5:30 AM,MT Here I am ending my Shit post

    Did you actually spend an hour writing this

  • @mapokapo said in A good night on ZS:

    4:20 AM,MT Here I am starting this Shit post.
    5:30 AM,MT Here I am ending my Shit post

    Did you actually spend an hour writing this

    he should of started his post with dear diary.

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