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Skill Points. Whats the best for shooters?

  • I figured that there should be a thread about showing different kinds of skill trees for different classes. What do you guys recommend for shooters?

  • clumsy hemo slow palsy + max worthness + stubber from worth

  • I usually go worthiness to buy some extra ammo & full speed stats with hemophilia. You’re very fragile and can die in 2 hits with this build. Be creative and choose what you think would be favorable.

    @reii said in Skill Points. Whats the best for shooters?:

    clumsy hemo slow palsy + max worthness + stubber from worth

    unfunny dementia patient giving bad advice #504

  • Late buyer, slow, palsy + crackler and repair field.

    If you don’t want to use hammer only for repairing shitcades(that are locked by “experts”), but still want points for repair and shooting. The bigger the shitcade, the more zombies there are, the more points you get.

  • @the-gun-eater The build you just put down is not good for full on DPS players as they need to get T2 as fast as they can and Late buyer will not help and Palsy will just stop you aiming as all f you get hit ones and adding on with slow you die being outside on your own.

  • @billy-the-nhs-medic
    Well, I forgot about “Shooters” part, my bad.

    This skill tree may be named a guardian skill tree. It is designed for cade defending and repairs. Pretty good in case of “1 hammer 2 cades”.
    Oh also didnt I tell, that extra worth goes into the pulse ammo to set and forget the repair field?

    I usually place the repair field near the most attacked cade and shoot the incoming zeds without any risk. The targets come close anyway.

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