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2 new hOman idea

  • Sorry for bad English.
    1st: Boosts
    Melee boost: Increase melee wepeon range and knockback to %25.(for 10 sec)
    Heal boost: Heal near to your humans 5 health for 5 sec.(total=25, same range with medbomb.)
    Repair boost: Increase you repair rate %50 for 10 second.
    Movement boost: Increase your movement speed %25 for 5 sec.
    *You can only use 1 boost per wave.
    *You can select 1 boost when you reach level 50. If you want to change you need to remort.
    *That is just a idea.

    2st: Suply Support Box
    When first wave ends, give 1st people suply support box.
    …When 5th wave ends give first five people suply support box.

    • Suply support boxss can stack(max=5).
      -What is Suply support box?
      Select one of those:
      -108 smg ammo
      -90 pulse ammo
      -36 pistol ammo
      -24 bolt ammo
      -36 buckshot ammo
      -9 explosive ammo
      -24 rifle ammo
      -96 5.556 ammo this is just a idea

    1. consumables were planned as just items from the arsenal (that would go inventory), and they wouldn’t be boosts of insane magnitude.

    2. ammo is plentiful.

  • Did you get those ideas from some mobile casual games? Like “HERE GOES YOUR FIRST LEVEL UP, TAKE A FREE BOX OF SHIT THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY LATER!”
    This a WRONG mechanic for ZS, yet I agree that it would be awesome to have a way to get more ammo than is in stock at resupply crates. Ammo clickers?

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