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[ZS] The Flesh Hive

  • A zombie boss that looks like a giant flesh creeper that mutated a nest on it’s body.
    Primary: forcefully spawns a zombie, even during the intermissions. Cooldown 4 seconds.
    Secondary: gives a punch, that deals 25 damage and launches target into the air(means it can throw zombie to inaccessible areas).
    Shift: slowly digs itself down to stationary state. In stationary state can drop zombies from the bottom(letting to take better positions for zombie drops, like roofs) and slowly heals, but cannot move and throw zombies.

    Role in game:
    The forced spawn support, that can be used when there are too many badly placed nests and when spawning should be placed closer. Also it sends zombies flying, letting them to move through windows etc.

    As a flaw it has not so much HP as the fighter bosses, BIG size(it cannot fit in a bathroom near a cade, making it still vulnerable) and is a living target.

    The secondary attack is supposed to let it defend itself from close encounters, while the primary one is needed to get it an additional guard.

  • good idea just because new players dont know how to build nest so i dont want to be boss. Good ideas hope we will see those updates in 2020 as fast as we

  • @Tunç
    Pretty toxic, dude.
    Also sometimes there is no time to deal with excessive hives, same goes for forced zombies spawn in the intermissions. To stop humans you have to spawn zombies constantly.

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