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Updates coming

  • You should also probably do something about organising the class menu since it became unorganised. I’ve seen a few players complain about it.

    ranlomoday: what is this zombie select screen?
    ranlomoday: it’s terrible
    [mR] Diggity_Dan: ^^^
    Atillart: it feels cluttered
    ranlomoday: Fix that <f3> please
    inferno: i say the f3 menu needs to be redone as a hole
    Alphostis: the F3 menu for Zs is worse than before imo

    I left out the complaints about “classes being missing” because that’s them not understanding the system.

    alt text

    Only half, if that of the players are chems and eradicators on wave 6. As you might expect, they won.

  • It was never organized in the first place.

    can’t fix stupid.

  • It was never organized in the first place.

    I still disagree. The new system causes the “better versions” to not actually appear in the proper wave order. I’d like to think this confuses new players about what zombie types are better. I also think things like Frigid Ghoul and Shadow Walker should just get disabled beyond a certain point or better versions made since they just lose a lot of power even on say Wave 4 and above.

    The old system wasn’t wave organised, sure, especially in terms of variants. Variants are gone now, but at least had

    • Destruction - “Zombies that hit barricades”
    • Assault - “Zombies that hit humans outside”
    • Support - “Zombies that support the other two types”

    in terms of categories, which I think helps. I really believe you should aim for something that’s something between the current and the old system.

  • I’m in full agreement with @Raox about the layout. After spending some time with the new update, I feel like all the changes to zombie are undermined by the new spawn menu. Right now, most wins are from zteam giving up due to not understanding their options or failing to understand what certain classes should be used for. Having the spawn menu with even extremely loose categories gives players an idea of what class to play, and provides context for their abilities. When new players want to break a cade, they shouldn’t need to compare every zombie type to find their best option, instead they should see that bloated zombie is the rightmost zombie in the destruction category. Of course, this would require wave organizaion like raox said.

    The Betterversions system suffers from the change to the spawn menu as well, since the eradicator and chem burster are on the top left of the screen, replacing the normal and gore blaster zombies. Players who can’t press F3 are made into the strongest zombie type, but anyone who has switched class needs to look in the top left and see that normal/gore have evolved and more often than not require some yelling to get to that realization. Perhaps the Betterversions can get some visual effect on the first time reopening the F3 menu after evolution.

    However, @Raox I disagree with your statments about frigid ghoul and shadow walker, as atleast their unique status effects provide some utility. Organizing them on a wave ordered menu with categories would give player a better idea of their power level and overall usefulness as the game advances, without taking any options away from zteam.

  • The zombie menu should update at the wave end rather than the wave beginning. If I am dead on wave 5 and cruising around as a crow I cannot select the eradicator without prior knowledge of its location as the menu is not updated. Its Illogical.

  • @prof-dru said in Updates coming:

    Right now, most wins are from zteam giving up due to not understanding their options or failing to understand what certain classes should be used for.

    LOL no. If can’t see that a class isn’t effective at something then you can’t read or possibly breathe, so I’m not reverting it. Do you really think they know what the word “destruction” means? Just yell at teammates to switch like always.

  • Quick opinion: I think Frigid Ghoul should be moved back to wave 1 if Fast Zombies are available on Wave 2 since they’re significantly better at dealing with people outside.

  • I was looking at the interface for zombie selection and feel that it can be improved visually to give relevant stat information much quicker, at a glance (particularly for newer players when faced with the 16+ zombies) and so I’ve put together the following image.

    Don’t take it too literally in regards to fonts and I’ve obviously not included every element in the status effect key. But as a summary:

    1. Under zombie name, have “unlocked at wave x” in red or green depending on whether zombie is still locked or not.
    2. Descriptive text is left-aligned (to me this looks better).
    3. Use symbols instead of words for quicker visual identification of ability bindings (I believe most people use the default keys anyway).
    4. A border/box to contain the attack bindings and other abilities (I feel this improves the look and helps locate the relevant info quicker).
    5. The use of status effect icons to determine at a glance whether an attack has an ailment effect.
    6. A status effect key, always present in the zombie selection screen (bottom right corner in my view is a good area).
    7. A secondary boxed/bordered area to the right of the key bindings for additional abilities/other information.

    The grey background is just there for the purposes of displaying the image here.

    Thoughts? 0_1509306852737_noxui.jpg

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