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[ZS] Corrosive Gas Grenade update

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    weapon_zs_corgasgrenade - 9

    Could be added to the Worth Menu to go along with medic cloud bomb. Current availability is only through Points Shop for 50 points.

    If changed, stock and description may need updating. The medic cloud bomb shows the duration so adding that to corrosive gas grenade would be nice.

    Medic cloud bomb properly rewards healer No idea why it was chosen to not give points to the healer.

    Strengthshot rework
    Nobody used this weapon so I changed it. It should be attractive enough
    to be a staple support role item now.
    Damage increase applies to ALL damage instead of just melee. This
    includes everything: melee, guns, explosives, even turrets and manhacks.
    Damage enhancement increased +20% -> +25%
    Duration decreased 20s -> 10s
    Visual dart will disappear in 15s instead of 10s

  • This only gets my nipples to like, half mast. I’d think this isn’t worth the 50 pts?

  • The only reason I personally don’t use it is because it’s locked behind a skill point. If it weren’t for that I would more than likely be purchasing them more often.

  • I’m not inclined to think these are underpowered at all, they do considerable damage. Putting them behind a skill point might not be the greatest idea however.

  • alt text

    Given all of the current items in the Other category are available on the Worth Menu, wouldn’t it make sense to make the Corrosive Gas Grenade available in the Worth Menu as well? It seems 35 worth would be a fair price given it’s the same price as the Detonation Pack at 50 points in the shop.

    Damage or it being underpowered isn’t an issue, just availability.

  • It’s deliberately not in there because it’s a high end throwable. Does a lot of damage. Has high utility.

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