[ZS] Split Turret Lock

  • Right now turret lock is pretty much taken all the time by anyone seriously wanting to use a turret, as it makes it very easy to keep it firing at zombies. I was thinking about from a suggestion I got from someone else an idea where by turret lock would be split into 2 skills - one for vertical lock, and one horizontal lock.

    They’d both have an additional downside - aka either reduced locking range or reduced fire-rate. This gives people the option of fixing it (and would make scan speed a bit more of a useful stat).

  • Honestly if the scan pattern is less awkward and (have the option of being) narrower I’d take scan speed over lock any time any day. Though I can see how vertical scan being useful against crawlers and horizontal lock in wide cades.

    On the other hand I really don’t see turret as something of incredible power, so why do you want to nerf them by introducing more downsides? Not like the players can spam them anyways.

  • Not like the players can spam them anyways.

    They can and do.

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