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[ZS] Message Beacon Expansion

  • Nothing is more frustrating than losing a game to communication, be it that barricaders don’t respond to your constant pleas of “ZOMBIES BREAKING HERE NEED REPAIRS” or players simply were surprised by the alternate zombie spawn because they didn’t hear you call it out earlier. Message beacons could provide a much more elegant way to communicate these things without repeatedly yelling into the mic or into chat, but are currently held back by their clunkiness, limited range of communication, and accessibility.

    Suggested Changes:

    • To ensure players can trust message beacons, lock them behind a skill that requires at least one remort.

    • Allow higher remort players to have more active beacons with some upper cap so more experienced players can communicate more information at any given time, such as the location of every z spawn.

    • Allow players to remotely retrieve message beacons or even change their messages, preventing any irretrievable “meet up here!” beacon being left in an overrun section of the cade.

    • Reduce the packing time for message beacons so players can quickly remove a beacon once a task is complete.

    With these changes, the message beacon becomes a very precise tool for skilled players to quickly mark out places in need of help or that are not visibly dangerous. The following changes would also enhance the Message Beacon’s utility, but may not be practical.

    • Allow players to change the beacon’s color and icon, to further communicate a certain sense of urgency or the need for a specific type of tool i.e. a hammer or a wrench.

    • Allow beacon placers to restrict the message to players depending on equipment so players aren’t cluttered with messages that aren’t relevant to them. Could also serve as a good reminder for people who forgot they have a hammer.

    • Show the name of the player who placed the message beacon under it, so players understand who specifically is asking for something or marking something.

    • Allow an option for players to assign custom messages, sacrificing quick placement and easy translation for more precise instructions. Might be too easy to abuse.

  • Why not let people place them remotely or completely make them abstract as directional markers and indicators, some kind of messaging tool instead of a beacon.

  • @Raox That would be ideal, you could even give functionality to the drone for remote placement of location markers.

    For directional markers, perhaps some sort of simple compass could be added . Of course all the marks on it would be added by players, not the game itself. 0_1502215778646_Compass Example.png

  • @prof-dru It’d be neat if the drone could pick up a few of the deployables. C4 allah drones?

  • Banned

    What about the signalling thing you have in Portal 2 that was pretty neat

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