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Looking for advice on loadouts and leveling

  • I’m at level 11 right now, I grasp a lot of the basics of the game-mode, such as not cading because I don’t know what I’m doing, and bringing props up for the caders that do know what they’re doing, etc etc etc; however there are a few things that I think more experienced players can help me with so I can be more useful, and of course get more points.

    I like trying out different roles, I am pretty good as a medic, but to be honest it gets a little boring and I tend to run out of health ammo mid game. I can’t aim so I usually go smg or assault rifle if I’m going to do combat, but aside from that I’m still very unfamiliar on what loadouts really work best for different roles.

    Another big question I have is about which skills are the best to invest points into. I’ve gotten all the medic perks except for that medgun that gives buffs instead of health, and I invested in a couple of those speed perks, frail (buyers remorse on that one) and late buyer (I score pretty low so I don’t really buy too many things before mid game anyway).

    So that sums up my questions, if you’ve been reading this far thank you very much, and to anyone with advice, thank you in advance. I’ll see you all on the server!

  • @docddandy Get Trigger Discipline I-III and use shotguns

  • Preparedness, gourmet, phaser and safe fall are probably the skills you want to get ASAP.

  • Take out frail and go for weakness, that will give you 135 worth and it will let you get a med kit, med ammo and ammo for a T2 gun you can get by the end of wave 3 if you use up all 300med.

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    Use resupply boxes only for medical supplies if you really want to help the team, using billiys strat, your medical kit will become obsolete after the initial 300 ammo.

    You can heal total of 800+hp regularly without ever buying med supplies with points if you use resupply like i said. My cart is always medic + melee because guns keep running our of ammo without using resupply for ammo.

    after i get one of the highest tier melees, i buy tier 2 guns, dismantle them immediately and buy melee trinkets with scrap. Using worth or points for trinkets is very inefficient.

    I stand by cades and hit zombies from little shooting holes with melee (using s-w-s-w moves), melee trinkets really help here. I keep using med kit with resupply ammo until game end.

    Been a medic in zs since 2013 when the med kit viewmodel was diffrent.

    edit: now i sometimes buy a strengshot instead of melee, shooting players like dude gives more points than having a melee and it uses medical supplies.

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    smg + max pistol ammo + max smg ammo

    if not enough worth just get 2 smg ammo and 1 pistol ammo
    shoot zombie heads and try not to get debuffs that rape you to hell if you get hit

    Have 100% hp and be better than dude = insta million points

  • smg + full ammo + turret
    500 smg ammo and just resupply pistol

  • wrench
    force field
    ammo for turret (optional)

    Don’t need to start with a gun, just pick up weapons from inevitable dead teammates.

  • Thanks for all the tips guys/gals, I bookmarked the cading guide too, don’t know if I’m gonna get into it though since cading is one of the most important parts of the game and really makes the difference between winning or losing, too much pressure -_-

    Maybe one day…

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