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Blood Armor

    @JetBoom said in JetBoom/zombiesurvival-noxiousnet:

    Blood armor only reduces damage by half instead of absorbing it. Skills give you twice as much armor now.

    It’s my understanding that this change would have blood armor split any damage between health and armor. The skills that give blood armor don’t appear to have changed. It looks like the Blood Transfusion Pack description was changed from 20 blood armor generated to 30 blood armor generated, although it still generates 20 blood armor. Hemo-Adrenal converter still has the same blood armor generated.

  • It does not split damage between health and armor equally. It gives 100% to blood armor and 50% to health (150% total), which is something I think should have been made more clear from the get go since I assumed it was 50/50 and I assume a few others did too.

    The trinkets will be fixed.

    If we look at the stats I gave you yesterday from a snapshot of people’s activated skills - Only 5 players were using Blood Armor.

  • Skills give you twice as much armor now.

    It seems skills weren’t updated. If they are changed, then blood armor would split any damage between health and armor (50/50).

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