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[ZS] Cading + zombie nerf

  • **Alright, first things first, i have heard that Jetboom wants the gamemode to be hard that’s understandable, but currently we win literally 1 in 10 games. New players join the server and get depressed because they never survive and yet humans rarely win, if we compare to hellsgamers, i’m sad to say this but they have the most players out of all Zombie Survivals, why?
    Because they win 30% more of the games they play. People want to stay and win more.

    On a good day you will see around 40 zombies ramming through a cade making loads of dmg, not unusual to see a normal zombie dealing around 500 dmg alone. Now 40 zombies + bosses included is just impossible to hold even if you have 3 dude’s in the cade.

    What i’m suggesting is that we increase props total health, and also the amount you can repair them, the repair rate is way too low. Make normal zombies damage smaller and maybe in future make bosses scarily strong which takes all man power, i have seen players (glass man) one hit bosses such as Nightmare with a melee weapon which is just ridiculous.

    All im asking is Jetboom looks into this, the rates that people win at, and how much people are active nowadays compared to before when it was easier to win. Updates like this would increase traffic on the server which in turn would increase revenue $$$.

    tldr : My suggestions are that we nerf normal zombies dmg, increase props health and allow us to repair the props more.**

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  • :joy:

  • Are you a gamemode analyst?

  • Yes i have been analyzing both servers.

  • Do you have a graph showing server popularities?

  • That’s… wow how is that even possible. I’m literally shaking right now. How is HG even ALLOWED to have this many players. It’s not fair bros we have to do something I DONT WANT NOX TO DIE.

  • @DeVac said in [ZS] Cading + zombie nerf:

    can’t tell anything using those graphs

    ritzbits :medal: expert analyst since 2015

    game server rank is a more reliable statistic

    HG and NN switched game server rank positions around May (summer start)

  • @DeVac said in [ZS] Cading + zombie nerf:

    1 in 10 games

    @CMastaa said in Is it acceptable if a weapon isn't purchased frequently?:

    Everyone just ‘had’ to have their laser cannons and other random shit before the old weapon inventory was fully balanced. Also, maps should all have less than 5% winrate. and that’s being generous.

     90   11/10/14 16:08:04 <STEAM_0:0:56500610> NB_Dexter: 10% survival rate damn thats high
    575   2:08:28 <STEAM_0:1:52894721> Panglet: win rate is 10% too high
    218   AM_0:0:20119825> CMasta: all maps should be under 10% for real
    220   TEAM_0:0:43104902> Meme Robot: beneath 25%, above 10%
    261   02/14/16 10:37:40 <STEAM_0:0:15326021> GT4tube: +10% is good map
    462    <STEAM_0:0:31722077> Dr Zoidcrab: anything above 10% is high
    189   u [FIN-RUS]: the winrate on this server is around 10%
    277   06/14/16 12:40:34 <STEAM_0:0:51976993> Inti: 10% winrate aint that bad tbh
    403   EAM_0:0:66750123> V_Shred [Team Say | Survivors]: 10% i think thats good
    177   16 09:51:04 <STEAM_0:0:121663666> Nickrockz: heal 10%!!!!!!
    222   16 09:53:04 <STEAM_0:0:121663666> Nickrockz: HEAL 10%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    426   5:13 2016 <STEAM_0:0:25989078> Facetious: i think 10% is ideal. 20% is easy
    507   9 13:12:40 2016 <STEAM_0:0:24601676> CrackParrot: 10% is a lot
    337   016 <STEAM_0:0:48943903> Big Daddy Cool: anything 10% and up is fairly good
    285   2016 <STEAM_0:1:26361567> lamarr: every map with <10% winrate needs removal
    290   2:40:30 2016 <STEAM_0:0:25238810> TINY: you mean >10%
    773   : i remember the days when the winrate for zs was 10% for everything
    500   016 <STEAM_0:0:25989078> Facetious: all maps over 10% should be
    504   2 17:16:35 2016 <STEAM_0:1:30402756> Creeper Joe: 10% winrate should in my opinion should be the norm
    Tue Dec 27 22:40:34 2016 <STEAM_0:0:37788648> ATRanko: 10% win rate is suppose to be high
    Wed Dec 28 16:48:41 2016 <STEAM_0:0:85557928> bedrockperson: anything over 10% means shit map
    Sun Apr 16 20:53:22 2017 <STEAM_0:0:26828435> Prof. Dru: IF that was the case, then humans would not be calling 10% winrate maps perfectly balanced
    Thu May 4 15:24:55 2017 <STEAM_0:0:34252939> Anus MacMuffin: every map with a +10% winrate is easy in my book