Lack of Players

  • For the past two weeks, i have noticed that there have been a very small amount of people on the server, usually only 30. Does anybody know why this is? Do I just live in a shitty time zone for the server, or is there something more intense happening like the death of the server, or am I just autistic and looking to deep at something that is nothing. I live in the Mountain Zone.

  • It’s like that at 4am, but idk I haven’t been on more because of pubg addiction. Other games coming out or getting big updates can drive gmod server joins down for a bit, maybe there was a WoW patch or something.

  • This is an EST server, no idea what times you’re on but I only see that at like 5AM.

  • 30 is a good number of people, also why isn’t this in the river of flame yet?

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