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Fixing accidental map votes

  • Okay, as we all know that whenever a match ends, zombies could start killing each other for fun. I’ve realized that it sometimes intervene the map vote. A lot of players sometimes want to play a certain map like zs_pidaras, but when the match ends and the zombies start killing each other, the players who hadn’t voted would vote on another map by mistake, which is sometimes where the vote spikes come from. I kept telling them to wait until after they voted, but they never listen. Who knows? They might accidently vote for a really bad map.

  • where is the suggestion

  • idk I guess making sure that the zombies vote a map b4 they can start killing each other

  • what

  • Nobody votes for a map by accident you mega retard and if they did they can fix their vote. Remove this thread and yourself.

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