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Fate/Grand Order

  • JP player here starting this thread because of the recent NA release. This isn’t a guide because there is a trillion of them out there for anyone interested, so this is just a brief summary for those interested in the game and a place to share friend codes.

    F/GO is a mobile game developed by Delight Works and published by Aniplex. If you’re familiar with gacha games you’ll quickly understand the similarities and differences F/GO has with similar titles. One of the key differences is that almost all units from the gacha are usable and some 4 stars outclass some 5 stars in terms of usability.

    My friend code is (no commas) 814,857,873 and I play daily.

    Some friendly words of fun.
    There is no Guda but Gudako. Saint Quartz is the messenger of Gudako.
    Raikou is best momma and best woman.
    You will farm, and farm, and farm, and farm for days to get the ascension material you want before an event so don’t do it you digital dummy. Patience is a virtue and the time wasted farming could be used at getting EXP cards so when you do ascend you can level the servant.

  • I like type-moon but even I wouldn’t play a mobage grinder.

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