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Animations are broken

  • So I installed zombie survival to my server from the GitHub page but when I went in-game all of the zombie team’s animations were broken.

    I never touched the sh_animations lua file but it spits out an error:

    [ERROR] gamemodes/zombiesurvival/gamemode/sh_animations.lua:17: attempt to index local ‘tab’ (a nil value)

    1. unknown - gamemodes/zombiesurvival/gamemode/sh_animations.lua:17

    [ERROR] gamemodes/zombiesurvival/gamemode/obj_player_extend.lua:280: attempt to index local ‘tab’ (a nil value)

    1. CallZombieFunction - gamemodes/zombiesurvival/gamemode/obj_player_extend.lua:280
    2. unknown - gamemodes/zombiesurvival/gamemode/sh_animations.lua:27

    Is there any fix to this? I would fix it myself but I don’t know LUA very well.

  • Did you modify a file without restarting the map?

  • Yes. I did, sh_crafts.lua

    But for some strange reason even long before I touched the crafts file, animations were still broken, but it gave no errors, only when I touch the crafts file I gives an error.

    I’ve reinstalled ZS a lot of times and even tried the workshop version but animations are always broken.

  • Well it’s due to the way the gamemode is constructed any change to file with a gamemode dependency will break certain things. This isn’t a problem for servers since you aren’t changing anything on runtime. All you can do is reload the map to try out your changes when developing.

  • Alright, thanks for your help.

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